It’s all about healthy growth: Seeds of Success

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Cultivating gardens while sowing the Seeds of Success In the summer of 2016, Wasatch Community Gardens launched an ambitious new pro­ject: to build and grow a 1.4-acre farm out of a weedy, trash-strewn lot that hadn’t seen human stewardship in almost two decades. In partnership with the Downtown Alliance, the Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency (RDA) […]

City gardening: Should you be concerned?

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No! Just follow these simple rules (and always wash your produce!) The motivation for fresh, clean, organic food gets me out into the garden as soon as I’m off work, and often beforehand. The rewards of this lifestyle are many; the bounty of fresh, clean, organic produce is worth every drop of sweat. Keeping things […]

Root cellar alternatives

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How to store your crops for winter The last time I went house hunting I had a long list of requirements and even longer list of desires. Where those two lists melded into each other was a root cellar. I wanted a real root cellar. The kind that keeps turnips crisp and sweet until Yule […]

Take the Eat Local challenge – Sept. 7-14

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** this story has info about Eat Local Week 2019. Here is where you’ll find current information about the current challenge. Visiting a farmers market is the easiest way to find locally grown food. Here’s why you should make the effort: “Local” food has different definitions. Some say it’s local within 100 miles. Others, up […]

Ode to the hen’s egg

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Spring recipes and memories of cooking with mom Imagine some curious ancient human 70,000 years ago picking up the egg of a wild junglefowl, breaking it open, then poking a finger into the alluring golden yolk. The rich taste spurs her into eating it, and the way she feels afterward (satisfied!) makes her look for […]

Ham it up

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A local guide to your favorite Easter meat Ham is high on the list of favorites at our house. It is versatile. Leftovers are gifts. We use it for breakfast or as a sandwich for lunch. Eggs Benedict is nothing without ham. And you can cube leftover ham and add it to stir-fried rice for […]

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The 100-Mile Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the penultimate holiday for food-lovers, with some of the most lovingly prepared and thoughtful food you’ll eat all year. We shop and plan and prepare to make Thanksgiving special each year, to share a sacred meal and create lasting memories with friends and family. This year, why not find make it even more […]

Nightshade Season

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Ah, the lovely tomato—so beautiful in its simplicity, elegance, versatility and nutrition. This is the garden prize we wait all summer for—whether we meticulously planted, fertilized and trained our plants on cages and twine, or we carefully select each fruit from our favorite growers at the farmers market. That first vine-ripe black krim or cuor […]

The Biocentric Brothers

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The Biocentric Brothers, Chase and Kyle England, are by now familiar faces in the Salt Lake food and farm scene. Natives of Layton, Utah, they began selling locally grown medicinal and culinary mushrooms at the Salt Lake Downtown Farmers Market in 2012. Recently Chase England stopped by CATALYST to share some exciting news. After three […]


Dining: Alice Lives Here

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I’ve never been to Chez Panisse. I’ve only read about it, imagined it. Its food is legendary, but just as vital as its revolutionarily simple yet divine menu is the philosophy of the great Alice Waters: from local farm to table with a focus on community. Bringing that philosophy to life in Salt Lake is […]



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To get a sense of how popular kombucha is, you need to go no further than your local Whole Foods and see the many rows of various branded and flavored bottles of the probiotic tea, referred to by many as a healthy elixir. All of those bottles were shipped hundreds of miles to reach refrigerated […]