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Desert-loving author gives a reading at King’s English

Bruce Berger is many things. He is a Yale graduate, a professional pianist and a world traveler. What he’s best known for is his writing: essays and poetry aimed at exploring the r …


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THE CAKE: How a Simple Slice Could Save a Life

Two cups of instant mashed potatoes, three tablespoons of sexual politics, a heaping teaspoon of Christian not-so-hospitality, and a sprinkle of occasional nudity is the perfect re …


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On the cover: March 2019

Kristen O’Brien finishing the ’truth window’ in home number 5 in Moab, Utah – Spring 2013. The ’truth window’ shows you what is inside your walls and has turned into an artistic tr …


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Support the yay-sayers: Seeds of reversing global warming are here in our own communities

We (almost) never have covers that relate to specific stories or themes beyond seasonal. This month is different. The cover relates to “The Living Building Challenge” (p. 12)—a Moa …


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Environews for March 2019

We turn a tap and expect the water to flow. Where water comes from and how it’s delivered is “hidden” to us. Somehow, it crosses a jumble of political divisions and property lines …


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A legacy worth keeping

Legacy Parkway residents are fighting to protect a cherished Utah roadway. In the face of opposing forces they’re not giving up. When North Salt Lake resident Angie Keeton recently …


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Reasons to love your library: Think of them as “resilience centers”

In his book Palaces for the People, sociologist Eric Klinenberg describes how a group of planners met to discuss ways to restore resiliency to 21st century cities. Someone proposed …



Spring sleep: tips for better snoozing this season

The pillow’s low, the quilt is warm, the body smooth and peaceful. Sun shines on the room’s door, the curtain not yet open. In the air, the youthful taste of spring comes to you ev …


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“Rolling coal”: how to make bad air worse

Rolling coal” is the practice of intentionally blowing a plume of thick black exhaust from a diesel truck. To make  this happen, someone has modified the emissions controls to incr …


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The Living Building Challenge: a new standard for eco-friendly building that gives LEED a run for it’s money

As I live and breathe, Living Buildings are coming to Utah!! A Living Building is a building that collects rainwater, has its own sewage treatment plant and produces and stores all …


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Earthships: Recycling at it’s finest

Photos by Kari Larsen On a vast expanse of the northern New Mexico desert, just outside of Taos, lies a housing development like no other. Actually, “development” isn’t quite the w …


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The kamut economy: Bob Quinn is on a quest to restore health to farmland soil, rural economies and the food we eat

My wife says I can’t have any more new projects. She didn’t say I can’t have any more ideas. I just need to find other people to do them,” said Bob Quinn. We were at the Utah Farm …


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…of Color: plays by Olivia Custodio, Bijan Hosseini, Iris Salazar & Darryl Stamp

“Life is learning to hold paradox.” – from The Frailest Thing, by Bijan Hosseini, one of four short plays comprising …OF COLOR   If I hear one more person say ”I don’t see col …



Editing is the key to happiness

Tidy is such a passive word. You can’t ruthlessly tidy but you can ruthlessly edit. Tidy is the new word that goes with the Marie Kondo cult. There is nothing wrong with her philos …


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Children’s Dance Theatre has helped build Utah’s dance-positive culture

In the pages of the December 1949 issue of Dance Magazine, modern dance pioneer Virginia Tanner (1915-1979) announced the formation of her new company: “We now have a CHILDREN’S DA …



Putting waste to use: At Wasatch Resource Recovery, the inevitable detritus of our culture does not rot in vain

Situated on a piece of land in North Salt Lake, abutted by a field of grazing cows, is a new player in the Zero Waste arena: Wasatch Resource Recovery. A public/ private venture wi …


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Singer-Songwriter Chad Wilkins Plays at Ecstatic Dance and at the royal

Singer-songwriter Chad Wilkins plays the closing music at Wednesday’s Ecstatic Dance Spring Equinox Celebration at Impact Hub, and again Thursday night with bandmates “Local Reason …



Aquarium Age: March 13 – 19, 2019

There’s a slight lessening of intensity this week—slight, but nonetheless felt. Uranus, the planet of shift, spent the last several weeks turning up the heat under the collective c …