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Mourning our fallen: Wind storm topples urban forest An intense wind storm that hit northern Utah on September 8 toppled thousands of big, old trees, decimating historic groves in …



2020 Elections: Catalyst’s quick guide – Here’s what you need to know to participate in Utah elections this year.

This year’s presidential election is looking to be more tumultuous than usual. We’re still in the midst of a global pandemic and for many American voters, voting this year might lo …


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How to end CASH BAIL in SLC: Money is a weapon used against the poor

In the criminal legal system, like so many other systems in the U.S., money is weaponized to hold people hostage. If you are arrested, you are still presumed innocent under the law …


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Welcome to the Utah Bioregional Reader: Getting to know the place you call home

Thirty years ago, Home! a Bioregional Reader published a widely distributed quiz that challenged people to test their knowledge about the place where they live. Bioregionalism is a …


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Humanizing nature: Nature is evolving before our very eyes

Like most Utah sportsmen growing up in the 1960s, I learned to be a classic Utah consumptive user of renewable resources. I became an avid hunter, fisherman and forager of wild foo …


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Spring ahead this fall: Now’s the time to transplant perennials and direct-sow flower and herb seeds

The summer of 2020 was a scorcher in the Salt Lake Valley. We melted a number of previous records, with the hottest August in 143 years. As the weather finally cools with the chang …


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Cultural riches: Adopt-A-Native-Elder rug show & sale goes digital on November 12, 2020

Linda Myers, a Utah native and Park City resident, has provided traditional Navajo elders in southern Utah and northern Arizona life-saving supplies for three decades. Her work beg …


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Mindfulness practice for changing times: How to maintain ballast in times of upheaval

2020 is the “gift” that keeps on giving. September smelled like a campfire as Utah and the entire West Coast experienced devastating wildfires. Not so long ago, an unprecedented wi …


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The lasting impacts of redlining: environmental justice can be summed up in three words: location, location, location.

Editor’s note: Social and environmental justice is not a new topic, but it is gaining exposure since the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter. This article is the second of a t …


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Another thing I didn’t do this year: Treasure your memories

I can’t remember many specific dates since March 15th and that’s okay. Turns out you really don’t look at the calendar so much as you feel your way through the year on the braille …


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Urban Almanac Autumn 2020

Oct 8  Pick up a variety of root crops at the farmers market this week. Buy some to culture—say, cabbage and carrots with your favorite seasoning (I like fresh ginger and cumin). I …


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Metaphors: Pre- and post- election

Before the Election: Osho Zen Tarot:  Comparison, Fighting Medicine Cards: Rabbit, Turkey Mayan Oracle: Imix, Cimi Ancient Egyptian Tarot: King of Disks, Ace of Wands Aleister Crow …


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Using the camera as a tool for healing: Sky Hopinka’s maɬni – towards the ocean, towards the shore

Lush, green forests of the Pacific Northwest immerse viewers in nature. A Chinookan woman with long, inky black hair named Sweetwater Sahme stands beside a waterfall. We’ve learned …


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In Conversation with the filmmakers of the documentary, Mucho Mucho Amor, about beloved astrologer Walter Mercado

Courtesy of Sundance Institute One might say the stars aligned for the young singer, dancer, actor and medium, Walter Mercado, whose career as a worldwide astrology sensation start …


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Health and Racism: Covid 19 and Black Lives Matter have forced us to reexamine our society’s basic assumptions of what is fair and unfair. What is just and unjust. What we need and what we don’t really need.

Economic discrimination and racism are needed by tyrants big and small to perpetuate their unfair and unjust dominion. Locally, two of the most egregious unfair, unjust and unneces …


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Mantras for Sanity: Quarantine Staff Picks (Part 5)

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been losing it a little bit the last few weeks. Even though Utah has entered the “orange” phase, our state has yet to reach its projected peak in …


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CATALYST Previews TEDxSaltLakeCity 2020: (Un)Conventional Wisdom

2020 has been an exceptionally unconventional year, so it makes sense for TEDxSLC to focus on “unconventional wisdom” for this year’s theme. TEDxSLC 2020, happening on September 19 …


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On the Cover: Owl Eyes by Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis channels a deep connection to natural wonder—awesome wildlife, epic mountains, and vast landscapes—into vibrant art and inspired goods. As a visual artist, Phil digitall …