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Editor’s Notebook

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After wrapping up production for last month’s issue, I drove cross-country with my niece, CATALYST art director Polly Plummer Mottonen, and my two great nephews, Max (13) and Miles (15). It was the classic American roadtrip: miles of open space; Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, all the more interesting for the narrative provided by Polly, a […]

Editor’s Notebook: August 2013

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“Actinomycetes” has long been one of my favorite words. Which is to say, I’m a soil nerd. No one ever says the word (except for me, and maybe my brother, who taught it to me), which means a type of (good) bacteria that lives in the soil. But it does tell you why I am […]

Editor’s Notebook: Rallies and Everyday Actions

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In 1973, then-National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger said, “Who control the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls the money can control the world.” On Saturday, May 25, 2013, over two million people around the globe declared they were not up for being controlled. They participated in […]

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Editor’s Notebook: May 2013

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Alice Toler’s mind is a deep-thought generator. Give her a shadow of an idea and within minutes a compelling, artistically lit reality hovers in 3-D. (I’ve noticed this skill in art director Polly Plummer Mottonen, too.) What began as a Facebook chat about alternative uses for trampolines last month became “Breaking News—an Attractive Nuisance: Turn […]

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Editor’s Notebook: April 2013

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I have devised a new diet which I call the Health and Happiness Eating Plan. I can eat all the ice cream (or its culinary equivalent) I want, any time. However, prior to consumption, I must have a large glass of water, a can of salmon (Alaskan, preferably sockeye), an egg or two (fried in […]

Editor’s Notebook: March 2013

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I’ve always accepted good health as a given, and I didn’t understand why some people didn’t have it. I recall thinking: Why do grownups complain about their bodies so much? The excuses of age. I also promised myself to never become one of those people obsessed with their gall bladder, unable to carry on a […]