One man band RJD2 steals the show at Arts Fest 2017

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Every summer the Utah Arts Festival draws in nearly 80,000 attendees for many reasons. For some it’s the 160+ local visual artists and their one of a kind creations, and for others it’s the 100+ performing artists, whether it’s local music, dance, or comedy shows that just seem to help take the edge off reality. […]

Environews: June 2017

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    Will Bears Ears disappear into the clouds — a national monument only briefly, now to be diminished or denied by short-sighted political leaders? —Stephen Trimble In a colonial enterprise, profitability is the measure by which all endeavors and even the people and the land itself are valued. In Dakota culture, it was our […]

Localist: Showing up for Bear Ears

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The last few days of rallies marked the third week in a row that citizens of Salt Lake City gathered by the hundreds to protest the new administration and rally for our earth. Saturday, May 6, at the Utah State Capitol protesters showed up to protect Bear Ears and Grand Staircase monuments from being hucked […]

Briefly Noted June 2016

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Women talk too much? Have you ever heard that women talk more than men? It seems to be a commonly shared assumption, one meant to differentiate male and female characteristics, and, for us girls, it’s not exactly a good thing. That story is just one of many linguistic myths being challenged by University of Utah […]

Continuing on Common Ground

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This community was built with diversity in mind,” says Lynda Angelastro, her face bright with pride. All around the room, the heads of her neighbors nod in agreement. There’s Susan Stewart, a retired third-year resident, sunk deep in a cushioned chair. Hob Calhoun, a sixth year resident hailing from the East Coast, leans in the […]

The Granary District

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It may look to the casual passerby like an urban sacrifice zone—the area encompassing foundaries, factories and warehouses that have seen better, more purposeful days. Along with the concrete silos, abandoned scrap iron recycling yard and an auto body shop with guard chickens, the industrial and railway corridor of Salt Lake City that extends from […]


Slow is Beautiful: Appenzell Farm

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You could say Appenzell Farm started in 2008, when Jesse Corbridge and his mother Barbara read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma and decided to dedicate their 10 acres to the sustainable farm movement. You could say that the Appenzell Farm really got it’s start a year later, when Jesse’s grandmother leased her fallow 70-acre lot […]


Slow is Beautiful: Bees’ Brothers

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Insect-husbandry might not be the first place one’s mind goes when considering local farming operations… but where better for would-be locavores to start than with the goody whose producers symbolize Utah’s human inhabitants’ industrious nature? Bees’ Brothers family operation in Cache Valley was awarded a Slow Food Utah micro-grant this spring. Their application was written by […]


Cultivating Food, Youth and Justice

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Mike Evans, director of Real Food Rising, gathered us volunteers into a circle. We were going to play a game in which he would read a statement about food and food production. If it pertained to us, then we should move to a different spot in the group.

Supporting Small Endeavors

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Thanks to Slow Food Utah’s micro-grant program, locally focused projects that increase biodiversity, provide access to more healthful food, or contribute to our community’s knowledge base are springing up on farms and community gardens (and backyards) all across Utah.

Building Man

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Scott Whitaker’s Jenk Star Ranch hosts the second annual Building Man ecofest, teaching attendees the ins and outs of adobe building, solar thermal technology and more.