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Comings & Goings: Study with CATALYST Magazine garden writer James Loomis

By Staff

James Loomis, CATALYST’s “Garden Like a Boss” columnist, is offering a 14-part workshop series titled “Beyond Organic: Regenerative Agriculture & Urban Homesteading.” The ongoing monthly courses include Soil Biology, Aquaponics, Bio Teas, Beneficial Insect Habitat, Food Preservation and more. Screen Shot 2016 01 12 at 3.30.55 PM“Rather than attempting to replace chemical fertilizers and pest solutions with ‘organic’ ones, we try to cultivate an environment where our ecology is so strong pests cannot gain a foothold,” says Loomis in describing what he means by “beyond organic.”

For registration or more information:, 385.202.0661.


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This article was originally published on January 12, 2016.