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Where the yoga teachers are

By Staff

We’re here to clear up the apple-cart upset of yoga teachers between Centered City Yoga and the Fallout Yoga, which has now relocated to approximately 21st East and 21st South and rebranded as 21st Yoga. See who went where, and what unique events you can find at each studio.

Centered City Yoga still resides at 9th South and 9th East. It is still owned (and select classes taught) by D’ana Baptiste, with a full schedule by instructors: Patti Reno-Wood, Perry Layne Decker, Sarah-Elizabeth Levitt, Amanda Lee, Melissa Snow, Samantha Poth, Guruprasad Singh, Lin Ostler, Adam Ballenger, Kimberly Preston, Melissa Utermoehlen, Erin Meyer, Holli Diana, Holly Vasic, Kimberly Achelis-Hoggan, Chris Timmins, Nicole Gleave-Hicks, Autumn Salinas, Heather Brown, Jeni Carbonara, Anne Gardiner, Kristina Sandi, Johnnae Nardone, Demi McConkey, James Davis, Meg Hinds, Brooke McNaughton, Jason Lawner, Roger Coulombe, Olin Levitt, Anne Marie Gardiner, Erin Grieve, John Sarbo, Sean Hartley, Annette Drown, Melanie Walton, Alison Harris, Aron Stein, and Ashlee Shurtleff.

Once a month James Davis teaches Dub Yoga. Ongoing workshops include Belly Dance, Kalari, teacher training, Sanskrit & Ayur­veda, and Acro yoga. CCY is also offering yoga retreats in January and March in Yolapa, Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta.

Centered City Yoga, 926 E. 900 South.

A group of CCY teachers left last summer to begin their own studio. Their temporary landing pad was the westside Fallout,  previously known mostly as a dance venue. More recently, the teachers took over the Sugar House space freed up by We Are Yoga, which moved a few blocks east to 2645 E. Parleys Way.

21st Yoga instructors include Alyssa Kriss, Alicia Gunter, Ashley Detrick, Abbey Daw, Annastasia Kaessner, Claudette Halverson, Katie Schiffgen, Lucy Dillon, James Hardy, Scott Moore, Kim Dastrup, John Cottrell, Katie Ovrom, Amy Conn, Chris Lemon, Leslie Czerwinki, Daniel Rodier and Trisha McBride. The popular CCY event Glow Yoga (Friday night with glow sticks and rockin’ music) is still offered monthly and taught by James Hardy.

In addition to the notion that mainstream yoga should be all-inclusive, 21st Yoga’s mission states a commitment to social justice and community building.

Their first social justice event was a fundraiser for Standing Rock. A caravan of 21st Yoga community supporters then traveled to Standing Rock on Thanksgiving weekend to deliver winter clothing donations for those protesting the Dakota Access pipeline.

21st Yoga, 2065 E. 2100 South. Facebook:

This article was originally published on December 5, 2016.