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Have you chosen your candidate and mailed or delivered your ballot yet?

The race for a new mayor is on. Final election day for primaries is next Tuesday, August 13; then the track clears from eight down to two contenders.

Here are a few tools to help you find the candidate that not only best expresses your views but that you also think can communicate best with others to get the job done. Of the audio/video, the KCPW podcast, #3, is especially well done.

  1. Cycling Utah: This survey asks questions relevant to CATALYST readers; not strictly geared toward cycling
  2. The Utah Independent Business Coalition (formerly known as the Vest Pocket Coalition) likewise asks questions beyond a strict business agenda, including air quality, housing and the contentious Inland Port. Here’s the entire survey. You’ll probably find answers to questions 5-9 of greatest interest, and also 11-12 (two questions posed by the Sugar House Chamber).
  3. August 1: KCPW podcast of debate hosted by the Utah Sierra Club at the Downtown Public Library on August 1, moderated by Natalie Gochnaur.
  4. July 16: video of debate hosted by seven SLC community councils at Westminster College (begins at around 11 min.)
  5. July 15: video of debate hosted by Pioneer Park Coalition and KSL (first 10 minutes are commercials).
  6. June 26: video of debate at SLC Main Library with Alliance for a Better Utah (begins at around 10 min.)

Mock election: For a really interesting explanation of ranked voting, with a link to the League of Women Voters’ experimental ranked voting election, check this out.

Questions on where or when to vote? Go to

This article was originally published on August 7, 2019.