(Very) Private Ski Lesson

By Dan Schmidt

by Daniel Schmidt

Do these Feldenkrais-based exercises and improve your slope skills.

schmidtI am in my office, dressed in a shirt, jeans and downhill boots, about to clip into my skis. I can’t always get to the mountain, and sometimes I need some practice. A few quick minutes in the office with my skis can help me keep my body ready for the slopes. You can play along. All you need is enough clear space on a carpet or towel for your skis, and a little room on each side. Before we start, you might want to know why you would do this. These exercises are based in the Feldenkrais Method, an incredibly sophisticated system for learning movement (and more). The moves you use at home are the same as what you use on the mountain. It is easier to make improvements in a controlled environment—the good habits you start at home will show up naturally on the slopes.

This article was originally published on January 1, 2011.