U Can Garden

By catalyst

by Benjamin Bombard

The UofU’s organic garden aims to become a communtity concern.

ucangardenIt’s a few days after July 4, and Alexandra Parvaz, Jimmy Ruff, and a couple volunteers are harvesting veggies from their garden at the University of Utah. “The garlic harvest usually takes place on Indepen­dence Day, to declare independence from the supermarket,” Parvaz tells me. She pulls off her dirty gloves, tilts up the edge of her wide-brimmed gardener’s hat, and stands there looking at a bountiful pile of fresh-picked garlic laid out on a tarp, heads of the stuff as big as fists, with emerald stalks as long as a grown man’s arm. In this instance, gardeners aren’t simply declaring their own comest­ible liberty, they’re helping a whole university begin to assert its foodstuff self-sufficiency. And their efforts, combined with those of other institutional bodies, are making the local foods movement a reality at the University of Utah.


This article was originally published on July 30, 2010.