Briefly Noted

The Krishna Garden

By Staff

A community permaculture food forest in the making

The Krishna Food Forest is an urban story of reclaiming the land for the benefit of the a whole community. Six years ago the property, located behind Salt Lake City’s Krishna Temple, was an abandoned orchard, and so it continued, year after year, as a different set of gardeners with varying degrees of ability offered their help. A few caused more setbacks than progress. There was the year that someone put in old carpet as weed barrier. Please, no one use old carpet as weed barrier! Most carpeting is toxic and as it decays, it leaves micro trash in your garden!

2017 is such a different story. There has been a fabulous coalescence of forces coming together—the Salt Lake Permaculture Guild, Ecstatic Dance, and Michael+Maomi Cundick from the AFLA (Artists for Local Agriculture) gardens. The abandoned orchard now has life.

The Salt Lake Permaculture Guild meets every Monday evening at the Krishna Garden for a workshop seminar, discussion, followed by an activity in the garden, and a terrific pot luck spread. Sunday at the Krishna Temple is not a typical Sunday routine. Come for Kundalini Yoga (10am), Ecstatic dance (11am) and a vegan brunch followed by gardening.

SLC Krishna Food Forest at Krishna Temple, 965 East 3370 South. Look for “Salt Lake Permaculture Guild” on Facebook for Monday night activities.

This article was originally published on June 7, 2017.