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The Aquarium Age: Sept. 9-15

By Ralfee Finn

Venus went direct on Sunday, September 6, in a wide trine to Uranus, and sudden reversals of fortune, especially the relationship kind, seemed to occur everywhere at once. For some, these dynamic twists of fate were, and still are, disruptive and disturbing—it’s the “I really didn’t see it coming” moment, when shock just takes over and you wake up in a completely different universe, wondering how you got there and what was in that last cup of tea. For others, these changes restored clarity by enabling a new perspective with the power to restore sanity.

And for still more, Venus Direct revealed important information, information that could be felt but not seen. The reason for these sudden Venusian revelations is that Venus went direct within the range of the solar eclipse that occurs on Sunday, September 13. And because eclipses tend to wobble the world, Venus Direct shook a couple of previously solid foundations.

Some of these startling plot twists are related by degree (13 through 15 degrees of Leo) to events that occurred in September of 2014, and March as well as May of 2015. At those times, especially September and March, Jupiter occupied those middle degrees of Leo, as it formed a trine to Uranus. A Jupiter/Uranus trine almost always signals a fortunate turn of events, even if we don’t recognize the benefits right away. During the entire month of May, Jupiter occupied those middle degrees of Leo in a wide trine to Uranus, which continued the positive, even if startling effect, although it may not have been as obvious a manifestation. Now, as Venus reactivated that position by “turning around” at 14 degrees Leo—and continues to reactivate that position all week long—many of us may experience a change of heart, or at least the desire to recalibrate or redefine emotional entanglements. (An important note: These twists of fate do not relate to the occurrences of June and July when we saw the power of love open wide through the extraordinary configuration of Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. That particular combination of astral influences took place at a later degree of Leo and Aries.)

This Sunday a solar eclipse occurs at 20 degrees of the Virgo/Pisces axis. During a solar eclipse, previously hidden information tends to come to light. The world tends to shake and shiver during solar eclipses, if only because the Moon overshadows the Sun, and as a result, deep unconscious forces override immediate material concerns. There’s nothing to worry about; there’s only the need to stay present. What’s more, we often feel an eclipse effect six weeks prior to the actual event or six weeks after, which means the surprises may have already been delivered or there is more to come.

On a different note: Mercury goes retrograde on September 17 and stays retrograde until October 9. So if you haven’t already backed up your computer or phone or anything else, do it now, please. Because it occurs between two eclipses—there’s a lunar eclipse on September 28—this entire retrograde phase promises to be more than a little squirrely, especially because Mercury begins its retrograde in a wide opposition to Uranus, the gatekeeper of technology.

As the week continues to unfold, you might find yourself or those around you a little more sensitive than usual—even if you or they are already hypersensitive. Counter that increased vulnerability with increased compassion. Make a little extra effort to understand just how difficult daily life can sometimes be and then make a little extra effort to ease the difficulty by liberally applying kindness and care. Not only will you be helping others to cope. You’ll also be helping yourself.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
Venus is direct in your Solar House of creativity and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of service/work. Bring your passionate Aries game to both those arenas and stay focused on the process rather than the outcome. If you do, you’ll be surprised at how gracefully you handle both the big and the small stuff. Simply be the leader you were meant to be and you’ll inspire others by your example.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Venus is direct in your Solar House of safety and security and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of self-expression. The combined effect could either be skillfully expressing what you need to feel comfortable in your own skin, or awkwardly self-conscious that your needs are just too much—or maybe a little of both. Be committed to honest self-awareness as well as self-expression, and you’ll find the proper balance.

Gemini May 21-June 21
Venus is Direct in your Solar House of communication and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of the home, but also the house of security issues. Okay…take a deep breath…and read Taurus above, and then add this: Venus will help you to express your needs creatively. The eclipse insists that you be authentic about what you need so you can feel you’re enough just as you are.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Venus is direct in your Solar House of personal finance and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of communication. You’ll probably want to lean on Venus so you can take advantage of the real, tangible opportunities for financial gain. But don’t forget how important it is to be clear, precise, and direct about your intentions, both ambitious as well as altruistic.

Leo July 23-August 22
Venus is direct in your Solar House of personality and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of personal finance. Give yourself permission to be glamorous—refine your personal beauty regime to include extra self-care. Then attend to your finances by contemplating what money actually means to you: Is it a burden? Power? Freedom? Or a mysterious conundrum that ignites your generosity of spirit?

Virgo August 23-September 22
Venus is direct in your Solar House of the unconscious (or the ninety percent of the brain we don’t actively use) and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of personality. But this doesn’t have to be a clash between your internal and external worlds. While you are sure to feel an inward tug, you’re also likely to feel the need to change your external persona. These urges are not necessarily in conflict—unless you want them to be.

Libra September 23-October 22
Venus is direct in your Solar House of community and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of the unconscious, making it a little difficult for you to decide where to focus your attention. Rather than worrying about what role to assume—activist or meditator—commit to both. Remember, you’re always trying to find the perfect balance, and this situation is no different from others.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
Venus is direct in your Solar House of career and the eclipse takes place in your Solar House of community. This is not a combative combination. All that’s required is clarity about where your efforts will be best spent as well as best received. Focus your ambitions on goals that are attainable, and you could find yourself freely sharing your gifts, talents, and success with others.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
Venus is direct in your Solar House of global communication (which, by the way, is your home in the natural zodiac) and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of recognition. Let’s just assume that the net effect is likely to be a true ease in all the pursuits that allow you to experience your true place in the world, whether it is your professional standing that is increased or your sense of existential belonging.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Venus is direct in your Solar House of finance, which is also your Solar House of transformation, and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of spiritual search. Neither of these positions bodes difficulty, unless you’re thinking that money will soothe your soul. Yes, money is a necessity, but even though it feeds the body, it doesn’t directly feed the spirit. Go after the money, but also go deeper.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Venus is direct in your Solar House of relationship and the eclipse takes place in your Solar House of transformation, which is also your Solar House of finance. Expect your relationships to move forward with renewed passion—even if that means letting go of a partnership that doesn’t work—and also anticipate that the process of letting go will have an exponentially beneficial effect on your personal growth.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Venus is direct in your Solar House of service and work and the eclipse occurs in your Solar House of partnership. So…you’ll make plenty of work progress if you want to, but you might get snagged by previously hidden information regarding a relationship, personal or professional. I’m not suggesting that a significant other is hiding something from you; this might simply be your recognition of a truth you’ve been keeping from yourself.

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This article was originally published on September 10, 2015.