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The Aquarium Age: July 15-22

By Ralfee Finn

Jupiter enters Leo today, and as the planet of great good fortune starts a new chapter, we begin a twelve-month-plus phase that promises to be full of optimistic attitudes, enthusiastic risk-takings, strong urges to just have fun, and an ever-expanding potential for a broad and inclusive perspective. Oh…and I almost forgot…creative and romantic inspiration explorations, too. So take a deep breath, allow yourself to stretch, and then, aim your hopes and aspirations high and wide.

We love Jupiter because Jupiter loves the big picture. Its expansive reach informs the ability to stretch beyond the mundane routines of daily life toward a more transcendental view, one that craves a Higher Love, a love that includes an appreciation for diverse philosophies and religions. Jupiter also symbolizes Bacchanalian appetites; anywhere we find too much everything—food, wine, sweets, sex, and extravagances of every denomination—we find Jupiter. Of course, Jupiter’s presence has the potential to manifest as wretched excess, but we generally experience its appetite for life as an invitation to experience greater joy.

Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to complete its orbit around the Sun—11.86 Earth years to be exact—which means it transits each of the twelve Signs of the zodiac for about a year. Because astrology is, actually, a democracy—all of us have all the planets and all the Signs in our birth chart—everyone will experience this new, positive planetary impulse.

We’re likely to feel the full throttle of Jupiter’s move into Leo on July 22, when the Sun also moves into Leo, where the Moon quickly joins it. Prior to that there are two hurdles to overcome: On July 20, Saturn goes direct, and while this is a positive event, we often experience these “course corrections” as a slow-down of some kind. But that’s not all. Uranus also “changes direction” when it goes retrograde the next day, on July 21. We often experience Uranus shifts as a dynamic event, but given that Uranus is not in exact contact with any other planets, this transition could happen without too much of a glitch; it might simply cause some of us to exclaim, “I thought those dreaded retrogrades were over!”

As you move into this next phase, consider where you were for Jupiter’s last transit through Leo twelve years ago. What was that phase like? What excesses would you eliminate and what excesses would you repeat?

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

Aries March 21-April 19
Jupiter moves into your Solar House of self-expression, inspiring new and expansive creative ideas, endeavors, and encounters with significant others, personal and professional, who can further your efforts. This is the moment to own your passion as well as your power. Be confident, unselfconscious, and allow your unbridled enthusiasm to move you forward into all those areas of life that bring you joy.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Jupiter enters the deepest sector of your chart, or what is best known as the Solar House of the home, making you deeply aware of what it is you need to feel safe and secure in your physical home as well as your internal home. For some, this phase could indicate an external move to a new location. For others, Jupiter’s move could signify a keener awareness and appreciation of your inner wisdom.

Gemini May 21-June 21
Jupiter transits your Solar House of communication, amplifying your innate gift of gab, as well as your passion for gathering information and sharing it with others. Anticipate many conversations about a variety of subjects with a wide range of eager listeners. But also expect to be drawn to specific areas of interest, areas that could provide the deeper wisdom you are craving.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Jupiter enters your Solar House of resources and you enter a new cycle of financial opportunity. Prioritize your fiscal goals—and please be realistic. As you well know, it takes more than good luck to build a strong financial foundation. This cycle is also about building greater self-esteem and self-confidence, two resources that can never be measured by a bank balance or savings account.

Leo July 23-August 22
Jupiter makes it impossible to avoid the spotlight, so rather than try staying in the shadows, own the stage with your innate grace and generosity. As you let your sun shine, risk being all of you—100% without hesitation. Be strong, bold, creative, and gregarious. While there are no guarantees that all of your efforts will be successful, that’s not what’s important about this phase. What matters is your process of personal transformation; it’s a journey that promises to be expansive and joyous.

Virgo August 23-September 22
Jupiter enters your Solar House of psyche that vast realm which includes both the personal and collective unconscious. This is the domain of dreams and visions, as well as illusion and delusion. As Jupiter’s power awakens all sorts of altered states, it’s important for you to remember that you have the power to choose between what’s real and what isn’t.

Libra September 23-October 22
Jupiter moves into your Solar House of community, and you move into a deeper desire to share your gifts and talents with others. Don’t be shy about how you want to contribute. If you embrace this opportunity to participate in your community, local or global, little or big, your experience of personal satisfaction will deepen and expand.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
Jupiter transits your Solar House of career, providing the potential for you to make great strides toward your professional aspirations. Because this phase occurs every twelve years, it’s possible for you to review the last cycle with an eye toward identifying how you can improve this new phase. Assess what worked, what didn’t, and what you learned, and then do your best to implement those lessons.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves into your Solar House of spirituality, your favorite astral spot, and you embark on a year of seeking and searching for greater truth. Don’t misunderstand; this phase is also about having fun—lots of it, especially the kind of fun you experience when you are traversing both inner and outer terrain. So travel, think, play, and think, again, and you will gather diverse and valuable wisdom.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Jupiter enters your Solar House of transformation and you enter into a new phase of exploring all the mysterious areas of life—sex, finances, other people’s values, death, and the process of transformation, itself. This is an important journey, one that will help you to better learn how to deal with all the aspects of life that are out of our control.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Jupiter transits your Solar House of relating, and as it begins a new cycle, you are certain to experience a variety of interactions with significant others, personal and professional, as well as past, present, and future. As you explore and expand your alliances, bear in mind that healthy relationships require active, heartfelt participation to prosper and grow.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Jupiter moves into your Solar House of service, where its presence will, over the course of the coming year, focus on issues of employment/work, health, and how you can contribute to the overall good of the planet. Use this opportunity to bring your day-to-day activities into a better alignment with your philosophy about how to live the best possible life.

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This article was originally published on July 18, 2014.