Sarina Villareal Gallery, an ephemeral exhibit

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Sarina Villareal Gallery, an ephemeral exhibit

The new Eccles Theater isn’t the only new, invigorating space that recently opened on Main St. Local artist Sarina Villareal opened a gallery of her own work next door to the Eccles, at 149 S. Main. Brightly colored canvases and living botanicals set the scene for a new, ephemeral type of gallery space in SLC. It opened October 21 and will close on winter Solstice, December 21.

Inspired by psychology and modern research in the neuroscience of memory, Villareal’s work is based on the concepts of decay theory and interference theory. Decay theory suggests that memories fade over time, while interference theory suggests that original memories remain intact, yet are not retriev­able due to the interference of newly consumed experiences and information.

“In a romantic sense, my space will go dormant with the winter much like flowers before the snow. It’s also ironic that, like some short term memories, it fades away. But practically speaking, the space is sort of a gift and eventually my time will run out,” says Villareal.

December hours to be announced: