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Real Foods rebrands as Redmond Heritage Farms Store

By Caitlin Hoffman

As many of you likely know, the owners of Real Foods Market in Sugar House own their own farm. Redmond Heritage Farm in Redmond, Utah is home to the cows who produce the raw milk in their stores. That’s the law in Utah—only the owner of the cow can sell the milk raw.

Real Foods has gained a reputation for being the local gold standard for clean food. In addition to raw milk, cheese and yogurt, eggs from pastured hens and grassfed meat also come from their own farm, as well as the ubiquitous product most Utahns are familiar with: the pink salt known as Real Salt—and hence the 12-year-old Utah grocery chain’s former name, Real Foods. The Redmond brand also owns several other salt-related businesses; Earthpaste, a natural toothpaste; a bentonite clay company; and several (go figure) vinyl businesses.

The name change from Real Foods Market to Redmond Heritage Farms Store capitalizes on the store’s mission: to bring real farm products to Utah. In addition to their own, Redmond Heritage Farms Store showcases products from local businesses and other farms along the Wasatch Front.

2209 S. Highland Drive. Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm. 385.2664. Additional stores are located in Orem, St. George and Heber Valley.

This article was originally published on December 5, 2016.