Poetry Outlet

Poetry Outlet: Wandering Light

By Nova Janes

Thinking about my past, and midterms, always brings up the familiar feeling that I’m not quite where I want to be. Not yet anyways. With the yawning mud pit that has become the Ute campus, and Winter Part III and its full body-shivering swagger, it’s hard to remember there’s only two more months left until graduation.  One of the ways I deal with the anxiety I get after months of cold weather is to set goals.

I just wanted to check in and do a little self evaluation to remind myself of my goals and get over the midterm hump.  And, also set some productive goals for spring break.

My new year’s resolutions tend to take a back seat to completing homework assignments and deadlines on time. And that’s okay. It’s important to keep the big picture in mind.

Goals from New Years:


-Write more

-Paint more

-Quit smoking

-Get ready for the big move.

Overall, I’ve steadily been making progress in all of these… except smoking, but I’ll get to that!

Goals for Spring Break

-deep clean my life (from closets to extraneous activities)

-catch up on readings for my lit. class

-hopefully meet my new nephew!


This poem is a reflection of how I see my progress from the last few years from transitioning from addiction to going to school full time and working towards a better me.


Wandering Light


And your soul

is not a collection

of tangled necklaces

And muddy auras.

It’s more like a flashlight

underneath a pond at night,

Pushing its way steadily

Through silt and mud

And heavy water.

Not drowning

But wading

And waiting to be


Each year a little less mangled,

A collection of anthologies

sewn together haphazardly

Of all your past, present,

and future lives. Converging,

rippling, a beacon

Of your wandering light.

This article was originally published on March 9, 2017.