On the Cover

On the Cover: Brad Overton

By Staff

“Oxomoco,” oil on canvas.

I didn’t choose to become an artist.

I just always made art, wrote poems, stories and songs, put on impromptu or choreographed per­­formances private and public. I generally have just gotten carried away with whatever my imagination wanted. It’s a possession of spirit, a fire that burns away your social identity and makes you follow it. I get so high being caught up in the flames of imagination, and now, long hours and years of practice at painting (my medium of choice) have given me the freedom to make whatever I want.

My limitations are mine to conquer.

Oxomoco (70” x 70”, oil on canvas), portrayed on this month’s cover, is an important Aztec goddess, queen of the underworld. It is available through blueraingallery.com, Santa Fe, NM. His work can also be found at Julie Nester Gallery in Park City.

This article was originally published on October 2, 2016.