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On the Cover: Adelaide Ryder

By Staff

Adelaide Ryder is an artist based in Salt Lake City. She uses photography as a medium of honesty and record. Her artistic work involves the study of place and memory and how people and space affect each other.

Screen Shot 2015 10 30 at 7.41.01 PMFrom Adelaide’s new series: Altars, Mother Made. “A series of photographic triptychs documenting the altar scenes built from spaces and furniture from my home and the art pieces made by my mother. The photos show the final product of performance/installation altar building collaboration with my mother.”

Her portrait work emphasizes raw personality. She encourages the models to be genuine and comfortable, and captures them in personally meaningful places, strongly believing that when a person is photographed in a familiar place the images will be the most honest.

You can see her most recent work, “Altars, Mother Made” in Material of Memory, a group art exhibition at the Urban Arts Gallery, 137 South Rio Grande, November 3-30. This exhibition is the physical manifestation of memories and experiences—exploring the individual nature of memory with common threads formed by a shared place, time or exper­ience.


This article was originally published on October 31, 2015.