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On the Cover

By Staff

Baba Yaga by Sunny Strasburg, Martin Stensaas and Ben Wiemeyer. Oil on Canvas.

SUNNY STRASBURG evokes an archetypal world of depth and dream. Her bold, emotive
paintings of animals and figures invite the viewer to feel into their own imaginal world. Myths, dreams and symbolism form the basis for her insightful imagery based in Jungian psychology. Sunny is a Jungian therapist and artist living
in Salt Lake City, Utah.

MARTIN STENSAAS combines classical realism with the
modern experience of mystical consciousness. His distinctive technique combines deep and colorful glazes, subtractive maneuvers, and fine line work to build up enchanted figures and their otherworldly
surroundings. His works are unique experiences from across the room or
a few inches away. www.martisntensaas.com

BENJAMIN WIEMEYER brings a dynamic kinetic energy to his treatment of open space and condensed motion. His dedication to years of street art and public murals bring an expressive juxtaposition of natural elements with graffiti freestyle.
Baba Yaga by Sunny Strasburg, Martin Stensaas and Ben Wiemeyer Oil on Canvas. 40″ x 38″ Retelling the story of the old crone witch.

This article was originally published on December 30, 2014.