November 2019

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Courage, Traveling, Exhaustion

Medicine Cards: Crow, Whale, Deer

Mayan Oracle: Rhythm, Etznab, Greater Cycles

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: King of Cups, Three of Disks, Seven of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: Hermit, The Hierophant, The Universe

Healing Earth Tarot: Seven of Feathers, Seven of Rainbows, Grandmother of Rainbows

Words of Truth: Overriding, Rejuvenation, Heart


We all have times  when life’s path seems rockier than ever. Sometimes you wait for the perfect moment to proceed. Other times you just deal with the rocks or you take a leap of faith.

Such is the month of November. In your own way you will be faced with a difficult choice or situation. It makes no sense to blame others for this moment. Even the rockiest soil can produce some growth. The passion of life cannot be stopped by the mind for long.

Something within you longs for growth and there is no point in holding back. Now is a time. Perhaps in retrospect, in the future, you will see that it was the perfect time.

But at the first of the month it seems like a lot of work for a little reward. The truth is that life this month is going to challenge you.

It does not matter if your mind has made up a story that life should be easy for you because you are a nice person. Sometimes the most spectacular things arise from being placed in positions of hardship and challenge.

Just like a seed, when you are inside the shell, you are safe and protected. But to grow, you will eventually have to risk everything. You will have to drop that hard shell which has been your security and choose to soften. That softening is all about opening your heart to what is, opening your mind to the truth that is right in front of you, and recognizing that anything and everything can take you out of the game if you are not paying close attention to the many conflicting factors that are coalescing at this time.

Dangers are everywhere when you are growing. When you decide to grow, you move into the unknown and instantly life becomes chaotic.

This month, the path becomes clear. You recognize that it will be arduous and that you will need all your courage.

November may feel totally exhausting.  I find that realization sets in when you begin to understand how much energy you are using to keep the patterns of self-importance, ego, and productivity together.

Life is not just about protecting what you have (from an ego perspective). It is about being spontaneous, vulnerable and conscious. And consciousness is naturally soft, flexible and changeable, depending on circumstances.

November is a month where people want a response from you, not a reaction.

The psychic, emotional, physical and spiritual attacks have become so strong that they override our sensibilities. Many of us are exhausted and need some time for rejuvenation. People around the globe yearn for gentleness, kindness, real wisdom, truth-telling and understanding of the shadow.

The Seven of Swords shows robbers at the doorway, prepared to enter. You may feel surrounded by treachery, deception and thievery. You know problems are coming. Enormous ones. But you have to wait for the correct moment—you cannot confront such times head on.

Cunning is needed to avoid the traps set by others to make you feel confused and hopeless. Conventional solutions no longer work. It is essential to take your time to consider all options before moving. The project ahead will take a long time. Careful planning is important.

This month includes many choices, including some that you have no input on. Those decisions will bring divisiveness, conflict, confusion and a sense of unreality.  Other choices are yours alone. Those choices require you to be fully on center in order to make sure that your heart is what leads in making this choice.

We live in a world where the stormy waters of the mind seem to control external reality. It is as if there is diesel-powered heavy machinery in our inner meadows where we’ve always found solitude and clarity.

This month, it is time to get those machines out of the meadows and get yourself back to your center. When you are at peace, everything around you will feel calmer. When you are at peace, the birds and butterflies will land on you, the animals will trust you and come close, and you will have a smile on your face. When you are happy with you, life will reflect that and you will feel happy.

Strive for that place and reality. It will give you solace and a center from which to reclaim what is most important to you.


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This article was originally published on October 30, 2019.