November 1-7 — High standards, not unlucky at love

By Christopher Renstrom

My birthday is 12/14/1984 and I was wondering when I will meet my new boyfriend. Right now I am single and every time I go out on a date it seems like it does not work out. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. —Jess.

There’s nothing wrong with you. If anything your horoscope is very guy friendly. Exuberant and fun-loving, you should have no problem meeting men and striking up a conversation. Moreover your adventurous Sagittarian spirit means that you’re up for just about anything on a first date whether it’s salsa dancing, getting all gussied up for dinner at a four star restaurant or racking up the balls for a game of pool. You’re the sort of woman that men gravitate to because you’re easy to be around. You’re not high-maintenance, you don’t play head games and you probably know all the latest football stats. Plus men can talk to you about themselves, their problems and what they want to do in life. You’re a good listener and you also have a few opinions of your own that you don’t mind sharing. So what’s the problem? You have high standards. And they’re probably higher—and more complicated—than you care to admit.

You were born with Ruling Planet Jupiter in Capricorn which means that you’re not into dating, you’re into mating. Dates are like job interviews. You want to know how much he makes (he doesn’t have to be pulling in a six digit salary yet, but he does have to be on the fast track), you need to know what his values are, and he has to be someone that you can bring home to meet Mom, Dad and Great Aunt Betty. Now this sounds pretty button down and straightforward until you add Uranus to the mix.

You were born with Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, next to the Sun in your horoscope. Volatile and unpredictable, this is what gives you your wacky, out-of-left field rebelliousness. It’s the part of you that will bring up Darfur over dessert or wants to know all about his ex-girlfriends while walking hand in hand in the moonlight. But you’re not doing this to sabotage things. You do this because you wonder if getting together with a guy means saying good-bye to you. Your Jupiter in Capricorn wants everything to be tied up nicely in a bow while your Uranian side is desperately afraid of being sold down the river. There’s a disconnect between the guy you think looks good on paper and the guy you’re actually talking to and you can’t help wondering if you’re trying to force a fit.

Thankfully Ruling Planet Jupiter passing over your Mars in Aquarius in December 2009 will alter the “electrical current” of your horoscope and you should find it easier to talk to men about yourself instead of focusing too much on them. Get to know a man in the same exact way that you would get to know a new friend and you’ll have no problem bridging the gap between “love interest” and “love” in June 2010.

This article was originally published on November 1, 2009.