N?da Yoga

By Tarananda / Katie Mercier

by Tarananda Mercier

The yoga of sound.

mercierOur lives are profoundly shaped by the way in which we respond to Sound. By learning to work with sound intentionally, we can greatly enhance the quality of our being.
Nāda Yoga—nāda, meaning “sound vibration” in Sanskrit,—is an ancient Indian metaphysical system. Nāda Yoga, prescribes that we approach Sound mindfully, and with respect—based on the theory that the very building blocks of all of Creation are formed from sound energy in motion, and that everything in life is connected, through the properties of resonance.
Through a mindful approach to Sound and through certain sounding practices, we can begin to build vibrational muscle, strengthening the life force within us and garnering for ourselves a deeper sense of unity with both the outer and the inner cosmos.


This article was originally published on September 30, 2010.