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Mundi Project “rehomes” pianos

By Staff

In 2005, pianist Jana Hanatova  went through a personal life changing experience that inspired her to want to give back to the community. “Music heals, motivates, breaks down language barriers, and allows us to express our emotions about the joys and struggles of life,” says Hanatova, “Being a professional piano educator my entire adult life, founding an organization related to piano and the arts seemed like the most natural fit.”

With the help of three friends, she founded Mundi Project. The nonprofit organization accepts pianos from generous donors and give them a new home “where they will be loved and used for the purpose of education and live performance,” Hanatova explains.

“By placing pianos in the public venues, other music and art organizations, musicians, and artist[s] can use the instrument in their programing.”

The Mundi Project focuses on creating educational opportunities for underserved communities and provides “support to low-income and minority families that seek a life filled with piano, music and the arts.”

In 2006, they served 78 people. This year they are reaching more than 16,000 individuals in Utah and have already “rehomed” 153 pianos. They are currently working on Public Space Placements, Harmony Hub (a piano/ music classroom). For 2017, Mundi will sponsor nationally renowned composer, pianist and educator Wynn-Anne Rossi for a music education residency and the concert pianist Tien Hsieh for a one-week Mundi Live artist residency.

On November 9, the Mundi Project celebrates its 10th anniversary with music performances, stories and food at the Marmalade Library.

You can also join Mundi Project and the Visual Art Institute November 5 for a “music and artscape experience.” Led by VAI faculty, the music will provide a “driving force as participants create visual collaborations to live music performance.”


Saturday, Nov. 5—Mundi Project/Visual Art Institute collaboration at the Visual Art Institute, 2901 S. Highland Dr. 3-5:30pm. Nov. 9—10th anniversary celebration: Marmalade Library, 280 W. 500 North, 6:30pm. No charge for either event.

This article was originally published on November 3, 2016.