On the Cover

Moth Boy by Marcee Blackerby (1944-2019)

By Staff

Marcee liked working with found objects, thriving in the chaos of mixed media art.  She felt there is a kind of kinetic energy that develops when combining like with unlike, creating mystery by detaching objects from their original purpose. A found object carries with it a history and character, both light and dark. It was her intent to break open the secrets the object gathered on its journey both cultural and spiritual. An item will often take an unexpected direction, as if having intelligence and creative expression of its’ own. It is precisely this unexpected result, when the common thing becomes art that intrigued her. She liked the idea of resurrecting the obsolete, bringing it to center stage again. Her love of story-telling and fascination with language led her to take a narrative approach to her work. Her choice of materials, as much as subject, often create a surprise for viewers.

As a focal point of Salt Lake’s art scene for many years Marcee’s works have been loved by many. Now over 100 pieces are available to admirers and collectors through direct sale from her adoring and bereft husband Ric. A large sculpture “American Pulp” is looking for an appropriate home and may be offered on loan to the right public space (library, theatre?) Call Ric for details any day after 11am.


CATALYST mourns Marcee as a bold, artful force of nature. We miss her.

This article was originally published on February 26, 2020.