Metaphors for the Month: May 2017

By Suzanne Wagner

Intuitive patterns for May 2017.

Osho Zen Tarot: Aloneness, Participation

Medicine Cards: Antelope, Snake, Skunk

Mayan Oracle: Chuen, Chicchan

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Swords, The Hanged Man, Ace of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Fortune, The Sun, Gain

Healing Earth Tarot: Seven of Shields, Woman of Rainbows, The Star

Words of Truth: Admit, Health, Rest


We are all, in our own way, springing into action. If you expect things to quiet down, just know that the chances improve later in the year and later even this month. This planetary T-square is pulling on each person to “wake up.” And that is a good thing.

The purpose of all this activity is to open up your value system and cause you to take a good hard look at what’s in there. Having values is one thing. Embodying them is quite another. If you want to be an active creator, you have to speak up and live your intentions. In doing that, you may take some hits from various angles.

Uranus in Aries wants to revolutionize everything …right now. Pluto wants to pull us back to a more conservative time and for growth to be along more traditional, secure, tried and true ways. Jupiter in Libra idealistically wishes to expand old belief systems and religious philosophies into a place that gives the world a higher balance. And it also is requiring you to shift your relationships in the directions of those who align more with your values and who resonate with you philosophically, allowing you to let go of those who are going in a direction that is different than your own.

I hear how we need to figure out how to come together. And I agree. But when you look at the astrology, you see more and more of a divide and less of an inclination to come together. I attempt in my sharing to remind everyone that we are here to learn to love each other and everything on this planet. Sometimes breakdown has to happen before breakthrough. I wish it were not that way but humanity is stubborn and right now the sides are deeply entrenched in wanting to believe what they believe.

What each of us has to remember is that we cannot go back. We have to be willing to explore totally new possibilities. Attempt to listen to others from an open and fair mind. A closed mind is frozen in patterns and not willing to learn. Know that the stories people tell themselves may or may not be true but you have to deal with it because they “have” to believe it. They “have” to be right to validate themselves and their choices. Find where each person wants what is best for this world. Understand that they believe that their way is the best way. Recognize that their intent is good even if you question their choices. They may be questioning yours, as well.

Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on May 3, so those overwhelming challenges over the last month will ease up. With Mars in Gemini all month, know that things will move quickly. Share your ideas but do not believe them completely. There is an element of self-deception with this particular pattern. Venus will be out of its shadow period and so there is a strong feeling of excitement and wanting to move forward with those plans and projects. Memorial Day weekend has fast-moving Mars opposing slow and plodding Saturn. You may be pushed to start something you are too tired to finish.

When it comes to the cards, they also reflect movement and action. It seems the energy moves between waves of intense action and movement into deep periods of rest and a seeking for balance. You are birthing something. And all of us are participating in that process. Each of us is adding something to the mix, which will make for a unique creation.

It is important to recognize that you will not get your dream. None of us will. That is because there is so much information attempting to be integrated in a form that none of us, nor this world, has seen. A very new outcome will be a force of change that integrates all the ideas being passionately put forward.

On an energetic level, a potent poison is being metabolized within each of us. We are all learning to transcend our old self, break out of the shell that has been being painfully cracked open in this moment. We will be bigger and better because of it. The restrictiveness and stories we have been telling ourselves are now being revealed as untrue or fabricated for our internal comfort. That discomfort is now attempting to get our attention and we are learning to walk forward alone but with clarity. From there, we are learning to participate fully with our perceptions and ideas but without attachment to the outcome we hold as a picture in our mind.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in California, but visits Utah frequently.

This article was originally published on May 1, 2017.