Metaphors: July 2008

By Suzanne Wagner

Preparing for inspired leadership.
by Suzanne Wagner
Arthurian Tarot: Pursuit of Ingraine, Arthur’s Dream, Taliesin

Mayan Oracle: Lamat, Akbal, Ben

Aleister Crowley: Prince of Disks, Ace of Swords, Disappointment

Medicine Cards: Swan, Dragonfly, Spider

Osho Zen Tarot: Transformation, Fighting, Guilt

Healing Earth Tarot: Judgment, Woman of Wands, Six of Crystals

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Swords, Five of Swords, Ten of Disks

Words of Truth: Manifestation, Understanding, Spirit

The story of Taliesin is an Arthurian legend of a great poet and singer. As a child, Taliesin was assigned the task of caring for a witch’s magical brew of all knowledge. This witch planned to give it to her deformed son as compensation for his looks. Taliesin was to stir it for a year and a day to infuse the potion with his knowledge. He accidentally spilled some on himself and licked it off, thus giving him the full gifts of the potion. The witch discovered that the brew was now worthless and pursued Taliesin over great distances to kill him.

Taliesin shifted his shape into many creatures, but always the witch became a bigger one able to eat him. Finally the witch caught up with him as he changed into a grain of wheat. She changed into a black hen and ate him. When the witch came back into human form, she realized that she was now pregnant, and the child was Taliesin himself. He was born so beautiful she could not kill him, and so she set him adrift upon the sea in a leather bag. A nephew of the king found the bag, and raised and cared for the Taliesin child in the protection of the king’s family. They quickly discovered that he was brilliant and magical. He eventually became the seer for the Kingdom of Britain; many people heard and were inspired by his words.

This story touches on the upcoming election in interesting ways. Each candidate must find the words that can magically unite the hearts of Americans. Their inspired “songs and poetry” will be the deciding factor in this election. The majority of Americans will align behind the one candidate who inspires them to create good values that can inspire others.

We all want to feel that we can contribute to the growth of a civilization and eventually the world. The pattern indicates that we all need to remember Fortune spins her wheel blindly. Yet change is always a good thing.

Either candidate will need to be inspired to make the massive changes our system now needs. We are in challenging times—not necassarily bad times, but they have to be dealt with directly. The patterns of the past 30 years are shifting. We must  find new ways to deal with the growing problems, before it is too late.

In this time of tremendous transformation, we need to drop our past defensive postures, take off the armor and let go of nagging self-doubt and guilt. Life at times will lead us astray, but there is no need to dwell in guilt. These challenges are how we each learn lessons and experience growth.

Look at the paradise in which you live right now. How grateful are you each moment  that you are an American? You have great safety and security compared to those in many other places on this planet. Appreciate the miracle that you are here at this time on this planet. You must have done something right to be here.

Drop your old disappointments and resentments, and liberate the joy in your life. Whenever your achieving mind becomes involved in your life, you begin to lose contact with the paradise you are in. That leads down the path of misery.

Instead, look toward patterns and perspectives that allow a new manifestation of understanding. Be inspired by the heart within you that yearns to give more love and connection to the world. Know that inside you is a depth that can touch the suffering of others with its knowledge and experiences. Recognize that with your willingness to reach out, you become a bridge for understanding and loving-kindness.

This month, surrender to the openness of your heart, let go of the illusions of the past, and be willing to actively weave the threads of your reality into the greater web of life so we can all connect and support the amazing process of living on this planet together. None of us can do it alone. Together we can become something amazing that this planet has never seen. We are co-creating it together. If you can give your gifts and allow others gifts to also be honored and integrated, this world would become something truly unique and inspired.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on July 8, 2008.