Metaphors for the Month: May 2022

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Stress, Sorrow, Participation 

Medicine Cards: Spider, Otter, Horse 

Mayan Oracle: Imix, Kan, Cauac 

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Hierophant, Queen of Cups, Six of Cups 

Aleister Crowley Deck: Worry, Death, Success 

Healing Earth Tarot: Wise Old Woman, Woman of Shields, High Priestess 

Words of Truth: Inappropriate Relationship, Energy, Inappropriate Time, Future 


May is a time of bright flowers and delight, when the Divine Feminine shows up in all her glory. The Mayan Oracle card “Imix” represents that primordial feminine mother. Her essence is a dragon whose deep red color reminds us that the process of birthing new life also requires great effort and sacrifice. 

A new foundation of cooperation is being laid, a base built by those who have laid down their lives for the ideals and principles of a more peaceful world. There is no stronger magic than the “blood magic” from an entire culture that would rather die than surrender to tyrants. 

Kan shows a stirring of deep feelings of insecurity and a realization that some people want to restrict our individuation, muzzle the dissent, and force us to buy into their distorted view of history. Destructive moments can become the fertile ground upon which we awaken our dreams and bring new possibilities to light. 

Cauac reminds us that our own denial makes us afraid of the unknown. Our addictive tendencies are at the forefront of our consciousness. We see them in a new light and we recognize patterns of deep despair that have formed because we feel a sense of separation from the source. 

Imix reminds us that separation is an illusion. The Divine feminine “Imix” shows us that we can never be separated from the influences of this co-creation. But uncertainty is just a doorway through the wall that is currently blocking truth, and doubt is the crucible of evolution. It allows us to see what might be true beyond our perceptual bubble. 

I see in the cards the great worry and concern that is being felt by so many facing death on a multitude of levels. This terribly stuck energy has been sapping the life and vitality out of each of us. But something is entering our reality to help us move beyond. 

On April 30 we had a solar eclipse in Taurus. As all eclipses are a course corrector and herald the death of one reality and birth into another, I wonder what this new cycle will hold for each of us. May is a wake-up call and its connection with Uranus adds a tone of unpredictability to the mix. 

As our consciousness continues to evolve, it is becoming clear we are in a precipitous time. A new balance is being asked of us — a call for a more collaborative approach to truth. It becomes clearer that the old ways of destructive terrorism and the waste of resources, are not worth the tremendous cost of property and lives. Justice will be demanded. 

The collective awareness of this transition is leading to a deeper understanding of the story of the human race. A bright spotlight is illuminating the inappropriate relationships in our lives that have become a burden and too heavy to carry forward. We see the doorway ahead that allows for only one soul to pass through at a time; no one can take another through this door. We must each walk through under our own energy. And now, it is time to initiate a change. 

While we may grieve and feel tremendous pain at what is being lost, we need to look at what is also being offered. 

This month, full participation is required of each of us. Stress is handled not by busy work but by meeting those challenges head-on and fighting for a better world. 

There is a power within us that will show us the path if we are willing to see the destructive effect of the voices we allow within our own minds. 

We are learning to take the magic that lives within the words and rearrange those words masterfully into a cry of hope for a world filled with greater understanding and compassion. 

This article was originally published on May 2, 2022.