Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: March 2011

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Laziness, Playfulness
Medicine Cards: Snake, Turkey, Beaver
Mayan Oracle: Measure, Ben
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Princess of Cups,
The World, Ten of Wands
Aleister Crowley Deck: Science, Oppression, Strife
Words of Truth: Decision, Inspiration, Dreams

For each person there are patterns through which the nervous system prefers to adapt and grow. These patterns may work for a while but no matter what, even the most amazing adaptations outgrow their usefulness at some point, and the most exhilarating patterns become routine when overused.
We are creatures of habit. When the habit is new, it is exciting and stimulating–a feeling of peak experience. So we use it again and again, hoping to have that same experience we had at the beginning. Somehow, it is never the same. That realization forces us to stretch again into new and different ways that may have seemed unnecessary or impossible at other times in our life. It is a wonderful sign to be bored of one’s own creation, tired of hearing the same old words, sick of existing, and filled with desire for a life lived moment by moment rather than from the need for safety, bound by agreements made long ago.

When you feel inspired to do something different, the idea, dream, or possibility creates an illusion of ease that gives you the energy to move. Without it, you would stay stuck in the old pattern. So that excitement is necessary to begin to shift. We need the visions of the outcomes we create in our minds to jump into the experience fully with both feet. Life can never be fulfilling if you place only safe bets on the gambling table of change.
I remind myself that most of my outcomes have never looked the way I envisioned them. Sometimes they were better, and sometimes they fell short of the mark. Regardless, they were an infusion of learning and expansion out of my old reality. That in itself is enough. This month is about endings. An end to the old self. An end to the ego’s control over the sense of self-lack. An end to the fear that has plagued us over the last 18 months.

We are coming into a new place and space, as we move toward a stellium (a cluster of three or more planets forming conjunctions to one another) in Aries that will greatly affect everyone in April and May. People are already feeling its effects and wondering what is happening. Cherished illusions of the past are disintegrating right in front of us, allowing us to see the world and ourselves more bluntly and honestly. We are noticing the codependent ways in which we bolstered each other in maintaining the old illusions, and we are choosing another way. Breaking free of our old cherished ideals is work.

Emotions that have been held in check under ego’s control of the mind will come streaming out in waves. With that release, new decisions can be made. Any negativity, internal and external, becomes sickeningly obvious. Finally old behaviors and ways can’t be tolerated another second.
This is a huge victory. The patterns of the past become like crumbling sandstone underneath your fingertips. You awaken to find yourself hanging onto the truth of reality. Only now, you can choose a different way. Up or down does not matter, but movement is required, even if painful and fraught with huge effort and toil. The grace that can be mustered in those moments sets the stage for the new you. How much compassion do you have for your soul’s efforts to live and grow?

This is the month to practice great compassion for self. Compassion for self leads to more compassion for the suffering of others.
Many awakenings will be happening over the next few months. People will be wanting to break free of entrapments from the past. It will be a time of breakthroughs in science and technology, a time for freedoms to find new ways of expression, a time for new voices to be heard. Will you hear the call of your own soul’s desire to awaken and become more full? Will you allow yourself to spring forth into a new life? The energy is present for the next few months.

Outcomes may not be what you expect. Do not project your old fears onto outcomes that have not yet manifested. Stay in your center. Practice peacefulness. Become the compassion you yearn for.


Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the
tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City. SUZWAGNER.COM

This article was originally published on February 28, 2011.