Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: January 2011

By Suzanne Wagner

Healing Earth Tarot: Two of Rainbows, Man of Pipes, Man of Feathers

Osho Zen Tarot: Ordinariness, Moment to Moment, Abundance

Medicine Cards: Dolphin, Lizard

Mayan Oracle: Akbal, Universal Movement

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Works, Success, Happiness

Arthurian Tarot: Avalon, Seven of Cups

Words of Truth: Gapped, Overview, Indulgence, God

Well, those eclipses have flipped everyone and everything on their heads, and we have finally ended the 10-year cycle and have moved into a year with a Gift of 11.

The number 11 is a mastery number. It is the number of transcendence. It is the energy of the empowered global visionary, freedom, and the bridge between realities connecting heaven to earth. The “11” is the number of risk-taking and choosing to become more than you believed possible. It is the energy of the writer, humanitarian, and the power to break free of social constraints and beliefs. It is the number of the philosopher, wanderer and spiritual seeker.

In the oldest Tarot decks, the 11th card in the trumps was the Tower (the energy that breaks down the illusions of the mind and forces growth and change). In the modern decks, the 11 trump is the Lust card (the scarlet woman who uses passion, seduction, and the denial of desire to control all those around her). So this is a year when your passions may be unleashed. It is a good idea to let go of old illusions and let yourself expand and change.

Leonardo da Vinci is the archetype of the 11 because he was so expanded in his visions. He was inventive and creative, yet he was a procrastinator and tested the edges of social conduct.

In its positive aspects, the number 11 represents the inventive, philosophical, meditative and self-actualized. It indicates an understanding of the dance of life that moves naturally between light and shadow. People influenced by 11 energy are willing to take risks and challenge preconceived notions and beliefs to uncover the truth.

The negative side of the number 11 is rebellion and can be addiction, aligned with shadow and the darker elements in life. The 11 person can be inconsistent and irresponsible.

The 11 year initiates a change into higher consciousness and attempts to bring us out of duality. It gives us the option to come from a more aware and conscious place. some will do this willingly and others may struggle with the negativity and criticism.

The goal is to find a balance within and allow a neutral mind and harmony to guide one’s choices and path. You may find that the negativity in your life has become very clear, as if a blinder has been taken off your eyes, and for the first time you are seeing the world clearly. It has probably been a big shock to notice just how much you have been placating others. Sometime in December (probably related to many aspects that broke things loose astrologically), you finally gave yourself permission to tell the truth, see what was really hap pening, and choose another path.

For some, it has been a huge awakening. For others, it is like climbing out of a deep hole. Regardless, things are different. You feel different, and you cannot go back to the old way. An old life has finally released you from its grip. It has been tremendously challenging. But through strength of will and with compassion in your heart, you are finally in a different place.

The compassion I speak of is actually your compassion for yourself. You have realized the stuck patterns you had been perpetuating in your life. That awareness has changed the very core of your being.

This is a time of tremendous opportunity. Letting go of a life in which you have put so much energy allows that energy to move out into the world and create something new and exciting for you.

This does not mean that you know what you are doing. Quite the contrary. You have no idea what is in store, and it is actually exciting and invigorating. You can now see that staying safe and playing within the old rules created a gap between you and a higher awareness.

You may feel as if you are a dolphin finally freed from the aquarium. You are now in the wildness of the ocean and anything goes! Yet this is real life. To the natural part of your being, the new awareness allows you to be your ordinary self. You no longer need or want others’ approval. You can choose where to go in each moment based on what you desire to experience. You want to have your life. You want to live completely in the moment. And that is the secret to a life of abundance, joy and peace.

The quest is within. The quest is how to live authentically in the moment and to allow the pleasure and pain of that fullness of life to guide you. You cannot live another’s life. You cannot stop others from their lessons—joys or harsh realities that may come their way. Everyone will have challenges and lessons. You are now letting the flow of your life guide you to what is most important for you. This will feel new and transformative. It will be scary and different. It will be what your heart and soul need to progress.

So there is nothing to worry about. You have let a ball go, and that ball is following the pathway that is true for your essence right now. Trust, let go, and follow the pathway in front of you. There are many exciting and new people along your path. You will find new friends and associates. You will also find yourself in their reflections.


Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous
books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt
Lake City.

This article was originally published on January 1, 2011.