Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month

By Suzanne Wagner

Cultivating your inner Earth Keeper.
by Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Guilt, Slowing Down, Integration
Medicine Cards: Crow, Beaver
Mayan Oracle: Caban, Lamat
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Queen of Cups, Four of Disks, Eight of Disks
Aleister Crowley Deck: Science, Princess of Disks, Swiftness
Healing Earth Tarot: Woman of Rainbows, Seven of Pipes, Seven of Crystals
Words of Truth: Knowing, Terror, Opportunity

From the cards drawn, we see an emphasis on the elements of duality. In this month that is about unifying lovers, it’s important to note that within each of us, we have both male and female aspects. Sometimes we need to be the high-flying masculine eagle, embodying clarity, power and aloneness. Other times, we need to become the feminine swan, gently floating and diving into the elements of our emotions embodying space and grace.

Conflict always originates within you. You cannot create a bridge between your own opposing and yet complementary sides if you judge one part, suppress another part, or feel guilty about something from your past and are still holding on to some mental self-hatred.

This is the month to create bridges among the dominant parts of yourself and those other parts that deserve and need attention and connection. If you notice that you’re loving and beautiful in one moment but soon thereafter you’re expressing anger or fear, something is not fully integrated.

When you are unified within, the emotions may still roll past your mind but your identification with them and the attachment to voicing them will be very different. When the various sides of your mind and heart communicate and become strengthened, then the duality disappears and the bridges connecting them becomes stronger. At that point, they unify into one great bridge of awareness. A crystallization occurs and duality evaporates. Your male and female internally become one powerful moving force of conscious clarity, where each is heard and honored for the gifts and insights shared. The logical and the illogical finally unite and chaos and clarity find a way to be with each other in a flow of love.

Within you right now is an Earth Keeper, a synergistic shield of perspective and respect for all things. If this part of you doesn’t feel fully activated, look at what you’re judging that is preventing the natural alignment of all life in the great cosmic flow. You don’t need to earn it. It’s your birthright to be here on this planet. So often in our rushing around and getting caught up in “thinking,” we lose touch with the wonder and magic that is the passionate force of life and nature.

In this month of Love, become aware of your own suffering but also put your heart awareness to the animal and nature kingdoms and the suffering they endure. Learn to expand beyond the limitation of suffering into a larger world that is the envelope of love that surrounds and protects us all. When you are fully embodied and awakening, you will notice the suffering of others.

Everything alive has a soul. Everything on this planet has that spark of life within it. Everything that lives struggles to navigate the world and the priorities of the pattern that its life requires of them. Your pattern and priorities are not necessarily the same priorities or joys of your pet. When you step beyond your own fears, insecurities or emotions, you begin to notice the needs of others. It’s not about what you want or what you need to give others. It’s about what they need and then it’s your job (as a conscious being) to find a way to give that to others in ways that open them, serve their growth and support the expansion of love. This is not about getting but about giving.

February’s challenge and opportunity: Look at how you communicate with your inner self. Are you loving? Are you respectful? Notice how your choose words. Be willing to look at that shadow in the mirror. Don’t turn away from what may have been off-putting in the past. Look beyond the event and into the heart and longing of who you really are.

Yes, this is going to take some work, which is why the Beaver (Medicine card) is there. Beaver reminds us that it is always best to have more than one way in or out of any situation. Beaver tells us to look at the alternatives. Limiting thoughts stop productivity. It’s time to settle differences within yourself and also in your outer world. Use discernment with love and you will discover ways through all situations that are currently causing problems. u

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This article was originally published on January 31, 2015.