Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month

By Suzanne Wagner

Explore your depths.

Osho Zen Tarot: Suppression, Healing, Sharing
Medicine Cards: Swan, Turtle
Mayan Oracle: Resolution of Duality, Organic Balance, Caban
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Nine of Cups, The Hanged Man, King of Cups
Aleister Crowley Deck: Adjustment, Change, Gain
Healing Earth Tarot: Master, Nine of Feathers, Five of Wands
Words of Truth: Aggression, Continuum, Evolution

The first of the month is intense and will bring up questions about relationships. But the question to ask is, “Am I seeing my relationships correctly?” Prepare to look carefully at the plans in your life and be willing to communicate clearly to your loved ones about what you want and what you intend to move toward. Everything is asking for you to explore your depth.

When Venus goes direct on Septem­ber 6, it is time to transform your communication into what will serve the highest good for all. Learn how to use words skillfully so you can clearly express the vision you have for the future.

As the month progresses, the Jupiter/ Neptune opposition gets stronger and stronger, asking you to expand your reality in ways that allow the deepest part of yourself to be expressed. Believe in yourself, claim your own visionary potential and then find the practical steps to take so that you can manifest that vision.

The Eclipse on September 12-13 will make you realize that attention to detail is essential for the upcoming year. We will soon enter Virgo, a time to get organized. Consider the question, “How does my work serve me and how do I serve my work?” There is an adjustment that needs to be made. Look at where you have been wounded in life. You will see that old wound has to be addressed in order to heal so you can move forward.

Mercury goes retrograde on Septem­ber 17 in Libra and it will be in retrograde until the second week in October. Remember to back up the computers and be prepared to deal with legal issues that may come to the forefront of your awareness.

Saturn also goes into Sagittarius for the long haul until December of 2017. Sagittarius is about truth. It is especially advisable at this time to not lie. Be honest and truthful about what is happening in your life. The truth will come out eventually so it is pointless to create layers of lies that you will eventually get caught in, anyway. You might notice where you judge others. Make decisions that serve the highest good for all rather than the few. Saturn wants you to get serious about what you want to learn. Saturn might make your life a bit difficult and force you to focus in a whole new way but you will be supported energetically in those decisions and there will be great movement if you are willing to do the work. This type of learning does not come quickly—we’re talking maybe two years, here. But at the end you will have something of great value.

The equinox on September 23 is at 0 degrees of Libra and at 0 degrees of the North Node moving toward the center of the sun. This is about discovering the essence of your soul. It’s time to embrace what you came on the planet to give as your gift. Leave the past behind. Move toward what you came on the planet to do. Your old story is not longer interesting to others or even relevant.

Mars going into Virgo also means it is time to get to take care of your body, health and your life work. You will want to create new daily rituals that allow you to find a new and more energetic balance between your life and your work.

On September 27 we have the lunar eclipse in Aries. Some of you might feel a need to take a risk around relationships whether they are intimate or work-associated. Something will become illuminated about where you are to take a risk. And that risk is to bring your life back into some form of balance, service and compassion.

As you can see, it is a very full month with a lot of shifts happening.

As always, the cards reflect a similar and yet slightly different angle of perception. Resolution is in the air as the old conflicts and aggressive patterns are no longer serving you. The conflict is felt and observed in a way that can be shocking and sickening when you see your own reflection in the distorted words that leak out of your mouth. Sometimes we need to be shocked in order to drastically change and the cards show that the old pattern is finally dead. Your soul is asking to be released from this painful manner so that a powerful healing can happen.

The suppression of your authentic self is no longer acceptable. The only choice is to evolve the energy and bring it back into the place of love and appreciation. A force of Earth energy is aligning you with the crystalline core of this planet and it is realigning you into a new synchronicity. Listen to the information being transmitted through Earth into your very being.

This is a month of coincidences and strong feelings that are guiding you to your larger purpose. As you vibrate, you will attract those with a similar vibration to you. Do not allow the mind to overinterpret or misinterpret the information. Allow the energy to have its own natural evolution. There is a perfect timing; all you have to do is allow it to unfold naturally.

Looking at these cards, I can’t express enough how much it would help to be outside and in the flow of the weather so that you can become more conscious of the messages coming your way and in the stillness and silence to be able to interpret them from a calm center of peaceful acceptance.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She now lives in California, but visits Utah for classes and readings frequently.

This article was originally published on August 30, 2015.