Judyth Hill’s Birthday Party in the Sky

By Judyth Hill

…with sushi on a balcony overlooking your life, in gratitude for every blessed second.
by Judyth Hill
Here we are again! It’s a Surprise Party!
Because only I knew about it!  And now you do!
This year I am declaring my birthday:
Fall Madly in Love Day!
Sigh deeply! Remember how great this is? Go on a wild date!
Be instantly on a fabulous adventure! An exotic vacation! Why not? It’s our day! It’s our life!
Stay Home & Get away! Spend the day in bed! In your garden!
Wear something gorgeous! Velvets! Silks! Topless!
Do what you wish! Sleep! Lollygag! Loaf! Lounge!
Feed Birds! Swim! Tango & tangle! Day dream!
Find yummy hot water & loll joyously about for hours!
Read all day, eating dark chocolate bonbons & moan for pleasure!
Walk into deep woods! Sing loud! Dance for the nuthatches!
See 3 movies & eat buttered popcorn! Procrastinate!
Make Prayers for Peace & and cuddle up close!
Go to Work & Be at Play! Make Amends!
Go where you’ve always wanted!
Macchu Pichu? Morocco? Your back porch? My room?
Mozambique? Denali? Chaco? Altai?
Have espresso & chocolat biscotti at the café just to the west of San Marcos…dunk and dream…
If your morning is booked,
try a gondola in moonlight, rich, old wine and so many kisses….
Aren’t the Cubs playing somewhere we could go?
A picnic at the Bosque at dawn, kergillion cranes wheeling overhead?  Snowgeese & Mergansers…
Hot chocolate and green chile cheeseburgers after?
Sushi on a balcony overlooking your life,
in gratitude for every blessed second?
A chance to say I love you one more time?
And have it said back?
Say it again and again! Aren’t our hearts so full! Whew!
A luxurious nap with a thick blankie, Assam tea with cream?
More Kisses?
Hot bath, scented rose geranium, reading Neruda? Aloud!
Coltrane and Ella and Billie and Bob Dylan?
Snow in the high country, Waves rolling in on Cabo,
silver bracelets, satiny avocados, tart Margaritas?
You Are Invited! You are My Guest!
Come to my Party Today! Maybe Now!
Come as You Are! How else could you be?
Don’t worry if you are Late – Come as you were!
If you are Early – Come as you will be!
It’s all in my heart for us! Just be here! Or there! Now!
And know I Love you Best, let’s be thrillingly, heartbeating wild in love…
today & today & today & today,
xxxxxJ. Happy Birthday!

Meet poet and provacateur Judyth Hill, who writes ostensibly about food in her CATALYST column, “The Artful Kitchen,” this month when she presents, along with the eminent Anusara yoga instructor Madhuri Martin, “The Mystic Muse:” a writing and yoga intensive that gives your practice a voice. Kula Yoga Studio, downtown Salt Lake City, March 21-23. (Tel. 521-5852 or adam@kulastudio.com.) Visit the CATALYST website for details on other Judyth sitings (and readings), too.

This article was originally published on March 7, 2008.