Help determine the fate of SLC’s historic Warm Springs

By Staff

Travel north on Beck St. from Salt Lake City and at the 840 North 300 West you will see the remains of Warm Springs Resort, a once-sprawling mid-1850s destination for those seeking health and relaxation. More recently it housed the Children’s Museum. Now the springs are capped and refineries, a freeway and a gravel pit scar the dry land. What remain are several structures and a small park.

Woodbury Corporation has proposed turning the historic bath house into office space and erecting a seven-story 125-unit apartment building, with townhouses as well. This would rule out the possibility of of reactivating the most prominent hot springs in Salt Lake Valley and turn this landmark site over to commercial interests in a way that would be irreversible.

Sylvia Nibley, a community-minded lover of hot springs, has formed the Warm Springs Alliance to explore alternatives and let the City know that people prefer an alternative use to this area. The vision is to save the historic building, reactivate the springs and create a community gathering place “where people can connect through the arts, culture, learning, healing, innovation and authentic connection,” she says.

A petition is circulating to this purpose.

Visit to sign the petition and be part of the conversation.

This article was originally published on September 27, 2017.