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Environews: Public comments due for two Southwest Utah projects

By Amy Brunvand

Conserve Southwest Utah (CSU) says that the Lake Powell Pipeline and the Northern Corridor Highway through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve are two of the most environmental damaging projects to threaten Southwest Utah in many years. Public comment periods are open on both projects though early September. CSU has prepared helpful guides for public comments:

Lake Powell Pipeline

The Lake Powell Pipeline is a multi-billion-dollar water boondoggle for infrastructure to suck Colorado River water to Washington County. CSU says that the Bureau of Reclamation Draft Environmental Impact Statement did not evaluate reasonable alternatives or address public concerns. Critical information was misinterpreted. The 1922 Colorado River Compact has already allocated 100% of water rights, so under drought conditions, LPP would probably not even carry any water.

Northern Corridor Highway

The Northern Corridor Highway punches through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve which is set aside as habitat for Mojave Desert tortoises, listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. The reserve was formed due to an agreement that allows “take” elsewhere in Washington County, so the highway proposal is an effort by Washington County to renege on the original deal.


This is an excerpt from our August Environews column. View the full article here.  

This article was originally published on August 3, 2020.