EnviroNews: Off-road threat to San Rafael Desert

By Amy Brunvand

Public comments are needed on a catastrophically bad Travel Plan for the San Rafael Desert that would turn a remote desert landscape into a motorized free-for-all.

Under the BLM preferred alternative, motorized off–road routes would expand from 300 miles to more than 775 miles, popular hiking trails would be open to motorized travel, and newly created routes would cross the San Rafael River and crowd up against the newly designated Labyrinth Canyon Wilderness Area.

A map of the BLM proposed plan is available on the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance website; BLM ePlanning has the full details and a submission form for public comments.

BLM Travel Plans (SUWA): suwa.org/blm-releases-disastrous-draft-travel-plan-for-the-san-rafael-desert/ (public comments due  by January 13, 2020). Comment on documents must be made via that BLM e-Planning Website, http://go.usa.gov/xQ2vH, click on “Documents” and “Comment on Document” under Draft Environmental assessment Public Comment Period.


This is an excerpt from our January EnviroNews column. View the full article here.


This article was originally published on January 6, 2020.