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DIY zero-waste kit

By Staff

Zero-waste lifestyles are finally reaching critical mass, and bloggers like Lauren Singer ( and Shia Su ( are taking the word to millennials, who are graciously sharing tips with their elders. In the words of Pope Francis, we are living in a “throw-away culture” and it’s time to start breaking some of those bad habits.

Make yourself a zero-waste preparedness kit to be ready for any waste the day throws at you. The more we all start bringing our own containers for our leftovers at restaurants, the more normalized it will become. Let’s normalize zero-waste living.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  •    Canvas tote bag (to carry everything and anything).
  •    Dish towel (great for taking your burrito to-go or nixing napkins).
  •    Coffee canteen (it’s way past time to ditch the to-go cup, people!).
  •    Water canteen (so that you’ll never accept a plastic water bottle again).
  • Mason jar (the classic must-have for zero-wasters as its uses are endless).
  • Clean hankies and a small fabric pocket for used hankies (just like Grandpa’s).
  • Mesh produce bag (extra space for any shopping that might happen)
  • Travel cutlery (spoon, fork, knife, straw, chopsticks, etc).
  • Food storage container (in case you go out to eat, you’ll have a container for leftovers).

You don’t need to carry all this stuff with you everywhere you go. If you know what is ahead of you in your day, you can bring what you know you’ll need. But living in a commuter city, you might as well keep this kit in your car for whenever you need a zero-waste alternative!

This article was originally published on April 1, 2018.