On the Cover

On the Cover: August 2018

By Staff

Since a very young age I have a had a deep desire to connect with people. Painting has been a way to bridge the raw energies of the subconscious and a way to communicate to the world. I use acrylic to paint familiar objects that appear otherworldly and mysterious. When I look at a blank canvas I see an invitation to bring an image to life. The process of painting is a reminder of the unknown and the ability to move forward regardless. There is sometimes a mixture of fear and excitement and I always think to myself “one stroke at a time.” My work has essentially become a meditative practice. I believe each piece reflects that for which I strive: seeing the universal connection to all things – beauty, clarity and simplicity in life.


Marci Erspamer is represented in Salt Lake City by A Gallery.

This article was originally published on August 1, 2018.