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Coach Jeannette: Leap!

By Jeannette Maw

Applying your law of attraction knowledge: are you a passive observer or a powerful, deliberate creator?
by Jeannette Maw
maw-loa.jpgIt's back to school for students, and a good time for us graduates to evaluate our own continuing education. In fact, who wouldn't want to be a perpetual student? Not just to avoid the potential drudgery of the working world with a j-o-b, but because learning and growing is surely one of life's greatest gifts.

Some of us have indeed mastered the ability to remain perpetual students in life, which is an admirable experience in many respects. But it's also important to employ what we learn.

I'm thinking in particular of those of us who have studied deliberate creation and have yet to practice it. It's one thing to discover the key to living an amazing life; it's another to use it. While my coaching clientele is made up of people who are committed to embracing the art of creating their own reality, my personal observation and experience tells me there are plenty of folks with theoretical knowledge of LOA who aren't practicing it.

How many of us invest time and energy in learning a new skill or talent that we don't do anything with? Do you have a shelf full of self-help books you haven't given another thought to since reading (or buying) them? Or a kitchen stocked with unused exotic herbs and spices picked up after an inspiring demo at Wild Oats?

Yes, there can be enormous pleasure in simply acquiring new knowledge and skills. And some things we study we may hope never to put into practice (like CPR rescue or emergency evacuation procedures). But if most of the new knowledge we attain is never applied, we're cheating not just ourselves but everyone who would potentially benefit from our expression of what we learned.

Three summers ago a girlfriend convinced me to join her for belly dance lessons, which turned out to be huge fun! I enjoyed it so much I invested in two jingly hip scarves, three Arabic music CDs, and a DVD instruction set by the belly dance twins. All of which are collecting dust in the drawer. The number of times I've danced for anyone, let alone myself? Zilch. The perfectionist in me keeps me from enjoying it until I get it exactly right. What a waste of a good time!

My girlfriend, on the other hand, entertained lots of happy strangers at two music festivals last year, captivated a boyfriend who will likely gift his fortune to a belly dance foundation, and shared her newfound skills at a memorable "girls night out" party.

Life's more fun when we use what we know!

Excuses, excuses

Anyone who has watched "The Secret," read "Ask and It Is Given" or even perused this column in past Catalyst issues knows the basics of conscious creation: You get what you think about. Like attracts like. Focus on what you want, not what you don't want. If you can imagine it, you can have it.

But when it comes to actually using that information and applying what we know, we have all sorts of reasons for not flexing our manifesting muscle:

"It's too hard to stay positive all the time."

"I don't have time for it."

"I'm afraid I'll be disappointed."

"I'll start as soon as I get through this current crisis."

"I wouldn't know where to start."

There are as many excuses for not applying the law of attraction as there are people to offer them.  Even more often, though, it seems we're unconscious to the fact that we aren't applying what we learn.

Many folks just don't think to change their habits. It doesn't occur to them that they're wasting an opportunity to create the life of their dreams by practicing the power of deliberate creation. (I know that from personal experience.)

Talking the walk

Then there are armchair experts who, after reading the latest best seller or a couple of online forum posts, make their contribution by telling the rest of us what we're doing wrong. It's often easier to see where someone else has room for improvement than it is in ourselves.

How often have you found yourself with a like-minded friend critiquing the actions of a mutual acquaintance? My LOA newbie boyfriend likes to show me his growing understanding of the process by relaying instances from golf buddies.

"And then we got to the tenth hole and Mark said out loud, 'This is where it all goes to pot' and sure enough, he took a triple bogey and we lost the tournament!" Or "Steve pulled out his new driver and declared, 'It's all over now, boys' and wouldn't you know it, he hit that ball farther than he ever has before."

My former roommate is particularly good at pointing out what other people should do different, but isn't as receptive to his own advice. If we were as good at practicing what we preach, we would effect serious change on this planet! 

We don't learn best by being "told" what to do. We are much more inspired by someone who lives the example; who walks the talk. You can be that inspiration for someone else, and in the process, revolutionize your life.

What does that look like?

Walking the talk

Practicing what we've learned about deliberate creation can include not encouraging or participating in negative conversations; you can develop an art of changing the subject or excusing yourself from group gripe sessions. It can take many other forms:

•    Fostering the habit of flipping "don't want" thoughts to "do wants"

•    Engaging in happy-ending fantasies

•    Acting in alignment with anticipated success

•    Expecting things to go your way

•    Doing things you enjoy; letting bliss be your guide

•    Trusting the downstream journey to serve you well

Deliberate creation can also look like a fierce commitment to your dreams, a refusal to let anyone convince you it can't be done, and a contagious enthusiasm for possibility. Not to mention a strong appreciation for what is, and embracing the present moment over past challenges or worries of tomorrow.

These are the marks of a conscious creator. By practicing what we know, we not only profoundly affect our own lives, but lead others to do the same.

My favorite example came during kids' swim time at the local pool. Dad was in the water patiently trying to coax his toddler, who stood poolside with a death grip on his plastic inflatable floatie, to jump in. Son wasn't budging. For minutes on end, father appealed to him to trust that it would be okay. He told him what to expect and reassured him it was easier than he thought.

It was a no-go. No amount of talking was taking that kid anywhere near the wet side of that water.

Until a fellow youngster gleefully ran to the pool's edge right next to our loiterer, pausing just long enough to swing his arms for momentum, and splashed in with a squeal of delight.

That's all dad's reticent jumper needed to abandon his reservations and follow his friend right into the deep end. Just like that – as if he were a born swimmer. That's how it works.

Practical application

It's easy to apply what you know about the law of attraction. Here are five ways to go from being a passive student of attraction to a masterful deliberate creator:

•Pick one new habit. Rather than feel you have to overhaul your entire thought pattern or belief system overnight, just start with one new technique or routine. It might be to say something nice to yourself each time you look in a mirror. Or to give thanks for your meal before digging in. Affirmations, imaginary spending sprees, gratitude journals or goal sheets are all easy beginning steps. Start with something simple, and after you've created a habit of it, move on to what inspires you next.

•Get in the game! Start playing with the law of attraction on low-stakes opportunities. Trying a new restaurant tonight? Set the intention that you'll be delighted with an exceptional menu. Off to see a movie with your sweetie? Imagine you'll be entertained like never before. There is always the old standby "rock star parking" if imagination fails you.

•Pay attention to how you feel. Self-awareness is an enormous advantage to managing emotional energy so your desires can manifest. Utilizing judgment-free observation, start noticing your emotions throughout the day.

•Learn to relax. Whether you employ a stress management technique or just build your own mental muscle in choosing tranquility over anxiety, develop the habit of being grounded and centered. It aligns your energy with the good stuff you've been wanting, and makes you a naturally successful conscious creator.

•Shush the gremlins. Whether it's the internal voice of ego or nosy naysayers who want you to stay put in life, learn to dismiss limiting thoughts and beliefs that serve as obstacles to your successful manifestations.

Creating a life you love using the law of attraction is simple. But it only works if you work it. Let this be the month you implement (or amp up) the discipline of conscious creation. We're privileged enough to know how this works; let's use it for the benefit of all and make our beautiful mark in this world!

Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City. LOA in the real world is the topic of her blog at

This article was originally published on August 31, 2007.