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Coach Jeannette: Attitude is Everything

By Jeannette Maw

The art of being a green creator.

If you’re a responsible citizen of the planet, practicing conservation and protection of Earth and her resources, and you’re also a deliberate creator who understands and harnesses the power of thought, it’s not unusual to feel at cross purposes with those two agendas. 

It’s easy to do without even realizing. When we treat resources as limited and believe the environment needs protecting, those thoughts and the actions they fuel may in fact create unintended harm.

When we conserve water or recycle paper or ride bikes to work because of our belief in a fragile or doomed world, those thoughts contribute to the very thing we’re working to prevent. If we take action from the perspective that Earth is in peril, that energetic vibration is not helping! And yet, if you’re concerned about environmental health, it doesn’t (usually) sit well to abandon the habits we’ve been trained to believe are essential to support planetary health and well being.

The challenge is how to live in a state of respect and appreciation without contributing to thoughts that Earth is in trouble. Even for deliberate creators, it’s easy to get this mixed up.

It’s similar to the conflict a creator feels when being frugal with money while also wanting financial abundance. Does it send a signal of lack when we shop with coupons or skip the luxury items? Or is it responsible financial management?

Whether we’re talking about the environment or our personal financial status, there is a way to be both “responsible” and flow vibrational instructions of abundance. I practice it by being very deliberate in choosing thoughts of well-being when I do things like turn the thermostat lower or buy organic. Rather than thinking “we are so wasteful” or “people are poisoning this place” I can find better feeling and more aligned thoughts such as “we’re so much better at this now than when I was younger” or offer a quick blessing to Mother Earth. 

The point is that the actions we take are less important than the vibrations we do it with. Ensuring that I support the well being of our planet by dialing in on health and abundance doesn’t mean that I suspend habits I believe are helpful. In fact, engaging those practices makes it even easier for me to feel good about the future of life on Earth.

But if I engage my Earth-friendly habits with thoughts of how we’re destroying the environment or that this isn’t enough or that we’re running out or that people don’t care enough—or whatever contrary thought I might entertain—I’m not having the positive impact I think I am. All my conservation efforts are for naught if my vibration is signaling scarcity, waste and destruction.

My suggestion is to pay attention to our energetic signal as we engage our green habits. Hold positive expectations, focus on what’s going right, and know that your aligned thoughts are the best way to support a healthy world. u

Jeannette Maw is a Law of Attraction coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on September 30, 2011.