Comings and Goings, Regulars and Shorts

Comings & Goings: Re-Find Goods on Pierpont

By Sophie Silverstone

-by Sophie Silverstone

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Re-Find’s owner, Kristin Harrower knows our society is getting better at recycling, and that we could still use some guidance closing the other side of the loop: purchasing products made from recycled materials, better yet, buying upcycled goods that are of higher value than they began with. Harrower, a Wyoming native, curates her sensible selection of up-cycled and repurposed household goods, furniture, clothing and accessories on Pierpont Ave. The eclectically rustic shop offers a sense of conscious luxury, the kind that doesn’t make you feel guilty. 

Open since September, Harrower’s downtown treasure trove includes finds such as jewelry made out of vintage car salvage metal, coffee tables made from staves of wine barrels, holiday gift bows made from old camera film, and bicycle spoke clocks.  

Re-Find Goods provides a new outlet for both local and international artists with a knack for repurposing. Their first trunk show, in late October, featured Beni, a brand sourced from Nepal who’s proceeds aid in rebuilding remote Nepalese villages after the earthquake, areas where government funding doesn’t always reach. Beni features handbags made from rice sacks, knit hats and scarves, as well as colorful bowls and ornaments made from woven food wrappers. 

Harrower wasn’t always an entrepreneur. She worked in the medical sales sector after many years. But she is now on to pursue her deeper calling: connecting people with integrous goods they will love, and have also already been loved. 

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This article was originally published on December 17, 2015.