Briefly Noted

Caffe Ibis Opens Red Chair

By Staff

The Red Chair, a project of Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasters, recently opened on the University of Utah’s campus.

Located in the first-floor common area of the new Sorenson Arts & Education complex, the Red Chair café is still in the process of being discovered students and staff.

Soon they will figure out that it is worth their time. Red Chair serves Ibis Coffee, Honeycomb Bakery pastries (If you enjoy the dreamy pastries at the Coffee Garden, you know Honeycomb Bakery), and salads and sandwiches, including vegan and vegetarian options. It is perfect for a pick-me-up on campus that isn’t Einstein Brothers or Panda Express.

Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasters is based in Logan, Utah. The company, whose popular triple-certified, organic, fair-trade and Smithsonian shade grown Bird-Friendly coffee is widely distributed in Salt Lake City, was founded in 1976 by Randy Wirth and Sally Sears.

—Katherine Rogers


The Red Chair, 7:30am-5:30pm, Mon-Fri. Catering available. 385.244.5347.

This article was originally published on January 31, 2019.