Briefly Noted

Briefly Noted: EVs are easier on the air; SLC supports EV Owners

By Amy Brunvand

Utahns are currently buying electric cars at a faster rate than Californians, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Evs use no gas. They emit 99% fewer pollutants than their gas counterparts. Salt Lake City officials, committed to improving air equality wherever an opportunity arises, see EVs as a notable player in that cause. Thus, the City Council recently voted to waive charging fees at the 28 existing public charging ports. This will cost the city up to $12,000 annually in utility fees but, it is hoped, will encourage more people to choose electric when buying new vehicles.

The annual cost of registering a car in Utah is $44–that is, unless the car is an electric vehicle. And while the Utah State Legislature recently voted to increase annual registration fees for Evs to $120 (reasoning that since electric vehicles don’t use gas, they aren’t paying a gas tax), the first $200,000 worth of fees will go toward building electric vehicle infrastructure.


EV owners can access and view station availability in real time with the ChargePoint app.

This article was originally published on April 23, 2018.