Be a Bioneer!

By Staff

You, too, can be a biological pioneer—”an ecological inventor who’s got an elegant and often simple set of solutions for environmental conundrums” (Utne Reader). Meet your cronies and make something happen at the Bioneers SLC Annual Conference: Westminster College, November 5-7.

bioneersIf you read CATALYST, you’re a likely contender for Bioneers. Years ago, some of our staff traveled to San Rafael, California to attend the annual gathering, which focuses on solutions to today’s environmental and social justice challenges. We saw and heard from, and in some cases met founders Kenny Ausebel and Nina Simons, mycologist Paul Stamets, philosopher Derrick Jensen, visionary activist astrologer Caroline Casey, Canadian environmental activist David Suzuki and many other luminaries whose passion is planetary health.
In recent years, we have been able to keep our carbon footprint smaller and travel only to Sugar House. Again this November, Westminster College will host a rebroadcast of the October national conference’s 15 plenary speakers, flanked by breakout sessions with social and ecological innovators from our own community. This year’s local gathering also includes a public keynote with author Charles Bowden and archivist Molly Molloy, who have been chronicling the violence and social breakdown of Juarez, Mexico. Read on for more info on this year’s breakout sessions and presenters.


This article was originally published on September 30, 2010.