Astro Predictions: Big Change on the Horizon

December 28, 2011

Suzanne Wagner

Strong planetary aspects with global consequences.

2012 has launched, and it looks like we are in for a wild ride, so everyone find your center and align with the highest self you can muster. Even if you experience bliss and calm, you can be guaranteed that others may not. You might be the one attempting to instill reason into emotional and upset people — employees, family members and mates. Your skills of communication and clarity will be needed to navigate some muddy waters ahead.

In 2011, our task was to realize what we had stuffed inside. We needed to admit truths about what has worked and not worked in our lives. As that awareness unfolded, a tremendous amount of energy also was allowed to flow more naturally.

Now in January 2012, we are feeling more grounded, more energized, and more willing to tackle issues. Even though there is a lot going on, we feel acceptance and a drive to move ahead and forge into new territories. After the work we did in 2011, our fears have been released and replaced with balanced acceptance and trust.

We have a new road ahead, and that is exciting! We cannot completely see where we are going, but we are going nonetheless. Now we need to trust our instincts, skills, wisdom, and energy to carry us forward into the unknown.

Let’s have a look at some key astrological aspects for the year ahead.

Neptune In Pisces—Feb 4, 2012

Neptune moves into Pisces on Feb 4, 2012 and will stay in that sign for 23 years. This shift affects an entire generation.

Neptune in Pisces will allow a new age of spiritual growth, understanding and compassion. This pattern allows great spiritual leaders and teachers to come into this world. This age brings the desire for social justice, harmony, peace, spiritual understanding and knowledge.

Because Neptune is the planet of drugs and of pain, I expect great advances in medicine and ways to deal with suffering. In combination with the other aspects, I expect to see very practical applications for treatment of existing diseases.

Neptune is also a planet of confusion, creating a feeling of swirling and spiraling energy that you may already be experiencing. You may feel a bit discombobulated or spaced out. It’s going to take all of us some time to sort out this energy and learn how to flow with the fluid patterns of Neptune. We will get the hang of it over time. Just be aware your patterns of structure and organization may not work the way they have in the past.

Neptune is sometimes seen as the higher octave of Venus; both planets are about love. Venus rules the feelings that attract us to one thing or another. Neptune’s sense of connection is limitless, much like the oceans, vapors and mists that he rules, an unconditionally loving force that surrounds and penetrates absolutely everything.

Neptune wants us to move beyond the tangible, limiting, and physical reality in which we find ourselves. Neptune rules the soul and the illusions of our imagination. Tools such as meditation become very important in navigating the watery depths of Neptune. Neptune inspires us to find the direction of our highest self and our purpose within this reality. The spiritual lessons of your soul will want to be made into the physical. This is going to be a long journey; Neptune will be in Pisces until March 30, 2035.

Neptune in Pisces does not come with a clear instruction manual on how to do all of this. Only by diving deep within do we come to understand our higher purpose. Then we have to take that information and learn how to navigate the complex pattern of choices in this human realm to find the best creative expression of that purpose. Only one thing is clear: You will have to let go of any preconceived ideas about outcomes and find a purity of faith within. Then allow that energy to drive all of us forward to find the best possible outcome for the planet.

Neptune was in Pisces over a century ago; one year into that transit, Spiritualism was born. Expect to see greater interest in all the intuitive and metaphysical arts during this particular transit.

Neptune’s last transit through Pisces also coincides with publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species, which turned traditional beliefs upside down. I expect this will be another time when controversial knowledge and information forces us to look at our world in new ways.

As Neptune in Pisces rules the movies and music, I expect to see cutting-edge technologies and riveting films, as well as heart-opening musicians who transform our reality through sights and sounds.

Righting social injustices and bringing awareness to the suffering of others will be an ongoing theme. Gender issues will blur and ethnic issues will dissolve as we finally ask the question, “Whom do these boundaries serve?”

These are going to be fascinating times in which we will see the expression of the soul awaken. We will see the dissolving of boundaries in many contexts: sexual, spiritual, fiscal and political. This will be a time for fighting for justice, supporting others in finding the freedom to be heard. We will find new ways to create union, express spirituality, and expand consciousness through movies and music in wonderful and exciting ways.

One last thing: With Neptune in Pisces, nothing is quite as it seems.

Pluto Square Uranus—June 24, 2012

This global square aspect lasts from June 24, 2012 until March 16/17, 2015, and we will experience seven exact squares within those years. Usually, meetings between outer planets involve three exact contacts over about nine months. This time, Pluto and Uranus will remain in exact square for three years. This is one strong influence!

Uranus and Pluto together are ground softeners for change. Pluto erodes while Uranus explodes.

Pluto wants control. What it can’t control, it tries to stop or block. Uranus wants to say “No!” to everything and anything that limits, controls or degrades. Uranus wants to serve all life through new ideas, inventions and solutions. The potential for conflict is clear, and I expect the Pluto/Uranus square to manifest as a battle between freedom and control.

The square between these two heavy hitters represents tests and challenges. It causes stress and is highly frustrating. Even though Uranus and Pluto are distinctly non-personal and emotionless by themselves, their effect together is dramatic and deeply felt. This square creates such stress that sometimes the only way through is outright revolt and revolutions.

It will seem as if we are not able to bring about changes fast enough to satisfy everyone. We will strongly want change but feel stymied by the blocked patterns that the square creates, so try to not get frustrated at governments or yourself as you attempt to make changes. Expect that everything will take more time than you want.

The last time we had Pluto square Uranus was in the 1930s. The intensity leading up to Hitler and Stalin was no picnic. But this time, we have the mitigating energy of Neptune to soften the forceful push/pull between the controlling, rigid pattern of big government that is Pluto and the freedom-loving desire for change that Uranus brings.

Neptune’s energy has the potential to bring a newfound awareness while the Pluto-Uranus energies break down old structures and bring in the new. You can think of the square as a painfully sharp cutting edge and Neptune in Pisces as a balm for those wounds.

Neptune in Pisces gives the feeling of fewer boundaries between all of us. We may feel we are aching for the whole world, suffering with their suffering. We may feel a coming together in oneness during times of crisis. We may even discover machines that allow us to see the shimmering energy in matter and to find that there are souls in nature. The expansion of understanding and awareness that Neptune brings is going to be amazing.

The physicist David Bohm said, “All matter is frozen light.” This transit has the potential to blur the lines between realities and allow things that we perceived as solid to dissolve. For some that may be wonderful, and for others it may be very disturbing.

Moving forward

The best way to face challenges during such radical times is to anticipate them. Those who resist the obvious change and want things to stay the way they were will have the hardest time. Choose change even if you do not know what it will look like on the other side. If you don’t, you will use up a tremendous amount of energy resisting.

Everyone will go through their version of change during the next three years. Hold compassion for others and lend a helping hand when you can.

Clearly, the writing is on the wall. We all have been opened and expanded into a new place and reality. 2012 is a beginning, not an ending.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot.