Ask the Astrologer: Why am I getting less tolerant?

By Christopher Renstrom

I am finding the older I get the less tolerant I am.  I find myself sticking up for myself more and stating and sticking to my opinion no matter if it helps or hurts people.  I used to be a person who had to please and make sure everyone else was ok before my needs.   I also am learning to pick my battles and to not care about what others think of my opinions.  What has happened?  My life if filled with Geminis and my other half is a Scorpio.  DOB July 30, 1970

Getting older and becoming less tolerant is a byproduct of aging.  It comes with time, routine, and fatigue.  This is why it’s so important to keep a limber mind and an open heart.  As stretching and flexibility become a must for the body as you grow older, the same is equally true for the psyche.  You want your muscles to be pliable, not rigid.  Rigidity—in body and mind—puts you at risk for injury.

Sticking up for yourself and sticking to your opinion no matter if it helps or hurts people isn’t a very good place to be.  It tells me that you aren’t listening nor are you taking responsibility for your words and actions.  You may think that this is affirmative, but it’s not.  It’s a false strength that would be analogous to a child blurting out what he says and then cupping his ears and talking at the same time as the other person in order to drown out what he has to say.

The simple truth is that you’re always going to care about people’s opinions and you’re always going to want to make them happy.  You’re a Leo, a Child of the Sun, and it’s your mission to bring heat and light to people’s lives.  You’re the solar battery that energizes them.  You give them love and strength and purpose.  This is why people come to you seeking your approval, your thoughts, and your opinions.  You couldn’t abdicate this responsibility if you tried.

If your life is filled with Geminis then that means you value their inquisitive minds.  Geminis are always playing with words and ideas.  This is a good sign because Geminis will always introduce flexibility and keep you playful—even when you’re feeling frustrated and surly.  And if your other half is a Scorpio then that says that you aren’t quite the pushover you think you are because a Scorpio will always challenge you to be your true and authentic self.  This doesn’t always sit well with Leos because they want their authentic selves to be warm and golden—like the Sun.  Yet your Scorpio other half is going to insist that you show every aspect of yourself—warts and all.  This insistence that you own your dark side as well as your light is one of the great lessons in self-acceptance that only a Scorpio can teach.  Scorpios are famous for keeping life real.

My advice would to be to value the people in your life.  It sounds like you’re in good company.  It can get frustrating balancing your needs with the needs of others, but this is an ongoing process in life.  It’s how we learn to transfer our energies from confrontation to cooperation.

This article was originally published on June 14, 2011.