Ask the Astrologer Weekly Question: Hang around with post-divorce b/f?

By Pax Rasmussen

Can you give me some insight into my love life? I was dating a man (1/26/1978) and thought everything was going well, even though I was a little cautious because his divorce wasn’t finalized. He told me he was over it and we went from there. Well, he just signed the divorce papers and told me that he’s not ready to be in a committed relationship. He said he might change his mind next week but right now he needs to figure out his life. My birthday is June 4, 1971, 2:14pm Oklahoma City.

Even though there are experts like Edens Law Group, LLC to help, people get a little crazy when they sign their divorce papers.  It’s kind of like winning the lottery. You can view here how sensitive and complicated is the topic of divorce.  According to family oriented lawyers, there’s life before and life after and never the twain shall meet. It’s why your gut told you to exercise caution before his divorce was finalized—and your gut was right. According to the domestic violence lawyer, what also confirms this is that the fellow you were dating is an Aquarius, which means that he was born under two Ruling Planets—Uranus and Saturn. On May 27, 2010, his Ruling Planet Uranus changed zodiac signs. After seven years in the dreamy wistful sign of Pisces, Uranus entered the take action sign of Aries. This would have signaled a new start for him. Mars energy is on the ascendancy in his life right now, so he’s going to want a lot of freedom and elbow-room to pursue whatever he feels like pursuing. Aries is much more freedom loving than Pisces, and it also increases the “macho factor” in his life. Now I’m not saying that he’s going to start cruising bars with ropes of gold chains wrapped around his neck and his shirt unbuttoned down to his navel, but that might still serve as a useful visual. I don’t think he’s in the headspace (or the heartspace) where he’s looking to get serious—much less settle down. It would probably be a good idea to let him be on his way. Moreover, your two horoscopes don’t really line up all that well. His other Ruling Planet, Saturn, is in Leo, and it forms an almost exact square to your Ruling Planet, Mercury, in Taurus. Over time, you would have found that you were always playing second fiddle to his concerns—and his concerns are pretty much wrapped up with him finding himself. I don’t doubt that he’s on a journey of self-discovery and that he truly is looking. However, it’s the finding part that has me worried, because I don’t think that will be happening any time soon. Meanwhile, you have a few planets that still haven’t made their crossovers into their new signs, so things are still up in the air for you love-wise. Saturn won’t depart Virgo (your sibling sign) until July 21, 2010, and even then you still have to contend with planetary retrogrades in November and December 2010 that will be introducing an ex into the picture. This is my way of saying that you still have some sorting out of your own to do vis-à-vis your love life, so don’t expect things to make any kind of sense before late January and/or early February 2011.

This article was originally published on June 27, 2010.