Regulars and Shorts

Ask the Astrologer: December 2009

By Christopher Renstrom

Big talker: Sagittarian babies are quick out of the gate.
by Christopher Renstrom



My daughter was born on December 13, 2007. Though not yet 22 months old, her verbal skills are very advanced and she seems to be able to memorize bits of song already. And she constantly loves to draw. Are people born under this sign more artistically inclined?

Sagittarian babies are quick out of the gate—and out of the crib. Born under the sign of the centaur (a mythological creature, half human and half horse), they take life at a full gallop. Sagittarians are ruled by their enthusiasms and interests, and they’re eager to engage the world in every possible way. Given that her ruling planet, Jupiter, is also in Sagittarius, it’s clear that your daughter has a big personality and wants everyone to know it.

Beethoven, Michelangelo and Maria Callas were all Sagittarians, so I think it’s safe to say that people born under this sign are artistically inclined. They can also have “artistic” temperaments. Jupiter was named after the Greek god of storms, and the planet’s famous red spot is actually a storm that’s been raging since the 17th century, when it was first spotted by telescope. Although children of Jupiter can be tempestuous, they’re quick to get over themselves and rarely hold a grudge. This is because they have a wonderful sense of humor and are just as likely to poke fun at themselves as anyone else. Mark Twain, Charles Schultz (the creator of the Peanuts comic strip) and Jon Stewart are all Sagittarians—humorists with a moral bent. They can be pointed, but not acerbic; irreverent without being disrespectful. You may find as she gets older that you’ve got a natural-born entertainer on your hands.

She is certainly a great mimic—and has all the makings of a captivating storyteller. Born with four planets in Sagittarius in the seventh house, she is very much a people person. There’s nothing remotely shy and retiring about her. She learns by imitating and she imitates because she wants to be a part of every group she meets. You may notice that she will unconsciously take on the accent of someone she’s talking to and may even copy their gestures and mannerisms. This isn’t mockery; it’s her way of “trying somebody on,” like one would try on a coat to see how it looks and fits. Children of Jupiter (Jupiter also rules the zodiac sign Pisces) are always incorporating elements of other people’s personalities into their own. It’s what makes them so enriched and enriching.

Whatever your daughter decides to do in life, she’ll do with a seriousness of purpose. That’s because she feels—like most children of Jupiter—that she was put here for a reason. Even if she winds up pursuing a career in education, law, or philanthropy (she has the planets for it), she would do it in service to a cause that celebrates and promotes people’s creativity and ingenuity. Sagittarius is perhaps the most spirited of all the fire signs (the other two are Aries and Leo), and developing the human potential to its fullest is what this sign is all about.

This article was originally published on November 30, 2009.