Aquarium Age

Aquarium Age: January 8 – 14, 2020

By Ralfee Finn

There is so much going on this week that I hardly know where to begin—and I’m not sure there’s room for humor. I know I tend to err on the side of super serious, but frankly, what we’re in and what lies ahead is uber serious. So put on your thinking caps and be sure to attach the extraterrestrial antennae. You’re also going to need a map to track the multidimensional planetary patterns, one you can notate with color markers—it will be easier to identify certain patterns if you do. This is a pivotal week, especially when it comes to what gets set in motion, so brush up on your understanding of instant karma and how consequences are dependent upon intentions because even though we’ve been anticipating the intensity of this week for quite sometime, the future is now, and the sky is on fire:

(1) On Friday, January 10, at 2:10 PM, EST, there is a lunar eclipse at 20°00′ Cancer, a degree that Pluto activated during February-March and June-July 2018, and again in mid-December 2018 through mid-January 2019. Events from those times are sure to play a large role in political and personal passion plays. Remember, the shadow of an eclipse effect extends six weeks prior to and after the actual event, which means you may already be dealing with the consequences of what was set in motion during that time or you may be about to deal with those ramifications.

Also be aware that this lunar eclipse occurs opposite Mercury, which is exactly conjunct the Sun at the time of the eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the Sun overshadows the Moon, which means practical, tangible matters override emotional concerns. But because this eclipse happens in Cancer, the Sign of deep feelings, don’t expect it will be all that easy to brush aside the Moon’s influence. Even the presence of Mercury, intellectual gatekeeper of the astro world, won’t help maintain mental clarity—logic will succumb to intuition because there’s just too many feelings to compartmentalize and handle. Think Spock’s internal struggle and then imagine his mother wins the debate.

(2) Also on Friday, January 10, at 8:48 PM, EST, Uranus goes direct. This is a huge contributing factor to the inability of that Capricorn Sun to remand feelings to the shadows. It’s not that Uranus plays a role during the eclipse—it is actually unaspected during that event. But—and this is a big but—when Uranus “changes” direction, the ethers shudder and so do human nervous systems; those tremors often translate into fluttering hearts, even if those hearts are already fortified. Anticipate stronger than average palpitations. Also expect all sorts of anxiety disorders to be at an all-time high this week and next—and that’s without the threat of violent reprisals for the murder of General Soleimani.

(3) On Sunday, January 12, at 11:59 AM, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is exact and separating. This is the configuration we’ve been building toward for the last year. It’s the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn until 2754; the previous one occurred in 1518. Needless to say, this is a rare astral event and from the havoc around us, we can see that it is also a powerful event. We will be dealing with the consequences of this conjunction for quite some time.

Those born with this aspect in their natal charts are sure to be feeling the intensity of the conjunction most keenly. That intensity is most commonly felt as an internal resistive force that wants to preserve the status quo but feels assaulted by an inexorable determination to transform. Saturn is the desire to hold onto current reality and Pluto is the compulsive force that wants to shift into something new, something more authentic.

The last time we were under this influence was 1982, when the conjunction occurred in Libra, the Sign of relationship. People with this conjunction in their charts have wrestled, are wrestling, and will continue to wrestle with how to participate in relationships with significant others without relinquishing one’s self so that the other may flourish. This is not a new issue, but our fellow travelers born with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra may currently be experiencing an intensification of this issue.

Folks born in 1947–48, when the conjunction happened in Leo, the Sign of self-expression, could be feeling frustrated with their inability to creatively channel the uncertainties and confusion of our current global moment. Leo is a Fixed Sign, which makes dealing with change challenging; that generation is used to being effective politically and the politics of the moment may be too much for them to process—even those born without Saturn/Pluto are having a hard time. Also remember that Israel was established under this conjunction, and India and Pakistan were made into two discrete countries, mirroring an extreme polarization that is also a signature of Saturn/Pluto, which means we can expect increased tension and stress in these areas of the world.

On June 28, 1914, just prior to the first of three exact Saturn/Pluto conjunctions in Cancer that spanned 1914–15, Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated; his assassination was the beginning of World War I.

The assassination of General Soleimani is not an exact replication of the assassination of the Archduke and I am not suggesting that we are at the start of World War III—although some think we might be. I am simply pointing out that the planets indicate patterns and it’s important to recognize those patterns and learn from history. It would be wise to not underestimate the danger we are in.

The Saturn/Pluto opposition of 2001–02—the astral signature of 9/11—put the Iraq war in motion. While it was a specious claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, we went to war anyway; certainly that war led to the mass destruction of too many lives and continues to take too many lives, and its violence seems never to be over. Now, under the influence of this next Saturn/Pluto cycle, that war seems to be starting again. No one wants a war except an impeached president who Putin has used to dismantle America as a superpower from the inside out.

2020 is also a year of several long, backward glances through a series of retrogrades, some overlapping and all annoying. Mercury is retrograde three times: (1) February 16 through March 9; (2) June 18 through July 12; and (3) October 13 through November 3. Yes… Mercury goes direct on election day. Venus is also retrograde from May 13 through June 25. But the most significant retrograde of the year is Mars Retrograde, in Aries, September 9 through November 13—and yes, again, through election day. But wait, there’s more: Mars spends six months in Aries—six months, stirring the warrior spirit in everyone, everywhere—from June 27 through January 6, 2021.

You don’t need an astrologer to point out that we are all perched on a dangerous precipice, at a dizzying height, with so much hanging in the balance that nervous systems are struggling to hold onto anything that promises to be steady and strong. But before you cling to something you might later regret or say something you can’t take back or make choices that can’t be undone, take as much time as you need to calm and soothe your heart so you can stay centered in what you know to be true for you—not transitory truth, but ultimate, big picture, in-the-long-run truth—then do your best to help others do the same.

If anything is apparent about our current global culture, it’s that almost every shadow has been exposed—we can see what lies beneath and it’s not pretty. Nevertheless, the remedies for those shadows have also taken hold in a variety of forms, from cutting-edge psychological practices to an army of Namaste yoga spiritual warriors trying their best to live a peaceful life to mindfulness practices taught in elementary schools. We the people know how to make ourselves better.

Compassion is as contagious as cruelty, so during these difficult days do your best to spread compassion through as many acts of kindness as you can manage. If we all reach for a power beyond our own—a power as transcendent as the sky—we will learn to love enough, widely and deeply enough, to tip the balance toward healing ourselves and our planet.

Sun Bursts:  If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
Uranus Direct puts the emphasis on resources, and while money is a huge part of this push, self-esteem is also included. Be confident as you move into this new year. Yes, there are intensities on the career front, but you have the skill and strength to go boldly forth into the next phase.

Taurus April 20-May 20.
Uranus moves forward in your Solar House of identity, which is likely to inspire shifts in your public persona. Go ahead and follow that impulse to change your hair, your wardrobe, or other ways you present yourself to the world. If none of these interest you, shift your inner perception of yourself.

Gemini May 21-June 21
Uranus Direct occurs in your Solar House of imagination, so listen closely to what inspires you. If you aren’t meditating, find a daily practice; if you are, allow a little more time for it, and definitely keep a dream journal. It also wouldn’t hurt to go into therapy so you can make your unconscious user-friendly.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Uranus moves forward in your Solar House of community, which means you can expect close encounters with like-minded people who share similar values. Allow yourself to make new friends. You don’t have to be BFFs immediately; the point is giving yourself permission to participate with others and enjoy their company.

Leo July 23-August 22
Uranus goes direct in your Solar House of career, which means you can expect a shift in your professional status as well as a shift in what you want to pursue. While some of these unexpected changes may be uncomfortable, they are also opportunities for you to explore talents you may not even have been aware of.

Virgo August 23-September 22
Uranus Direct stimulates a desire to broaden your horizons, so whether you are actually traveling to distant destinations or hitchhiking through the universe on your zafu, be prepared to make a big stretch into uncharted territory. There’s nothing to worry about and everything to learn.

Libra September 23-October 22
Uranus goes direct in your Solar House of transformation, which means you should be prepared for sudden plot twists, especially in financial arrangements with significant others. While you’re expecting some of these unexpected shifts, you’re still likely to be startled, so do whatever it is you do to stay grounded.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
Uranus Direct puts the emphasis on relationships of every ilk, from friends to family to lovers to co-workers. But the most important part of this process is revolutionizing your partnership with yourself. Uranus is helping you to know yourself more deeply and to love yourself more, warts and all.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
Uranus’ forward motion puts the emphasis on service, so don’t be surprised if you’re wondering how you can be more effective in helping others. This isn’t about self-sacrifice, so don’t confuse this urge with diminishing yourself. This is about discovering the benefits of helping others improve their lives.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Uranus moves forward in your Solar House of creativity, so despite the heaviness of what’s occurring in Capricorn at this specific cosmic moment, there is relief. While that relief is offered from the most eccentric planet of all, never mind—use its blatant, idiosyncratic pulse to be all you, all the time, and you will be more than fine and more than enough.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Uranus Direct starts a series of tremors in your Solar House of home, causing your foundation to tremble. Pay no attention to these little earthquakes—it’s just the planet of change shaking off some old, stagnant patterns. Focus instead on what you need to learn to live with greater personal freedom.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Uranus moves forward in your Solar House of communication, which means you are talking much more than you usually do, sharing opinions about every little thing, and some of those views are controversial. Don’t worry if lots of listeners disagree—you’re not trying to cause harm. Just trust your good intentions.

This article was originally published on January 8, 2020.