July Arts Round-Up

By Adele Flail

Aaaaaannnnnddd… We’re back!

RAW Art is resuming its regularly scheduled, well, schedule for July. First off, we’ve got highlights for the month: with the eclectic-to-bizarre combinations of art and… other… areas of interest you’ll find after the jump, there should be something to lure you out of the airconditioning, or to please the most art-averse of your friends or family. Check back this Thursday as we re-launch with featured artists, galleries, and show reviews. See you soon!

Water, Water Everywhere

A new exhibit opens in the Leonardo‘s Human Rights Gallery the first weekend in July. Featuring the work of Australian photographer Paul Blackmore, the exhibit explores the intersection of water conservation with spirtituality, human rights, and future survival. If this makes the show sound somber, it is—at least in part. But Water also highlights the mystical— as well as the just plain fun— aspects of humanity’s relationship to this ubiquitous but still-precious resource. Programs around the museum will also up the cool-factor: visitors can play with bubble blocks to examine the physics of water as well as its role in cell biology, use slow-motion videography to visualize the beauty of water in motion, or use evaporation as a medium for artisit expression. Exhibit and drop-ins are free with $9 admission.

The Leonardo, opening Friday, July 6. 209 East 500 South.


The Life and Times of Mr. Winkle

At this month’s First Friday event, join UMOCA for the artist’s reception and public opening of Mr. Winkle: Object of Projection. For those you who aren’t familiar with this paragon of cuteness, Mr. Winkle is the dog (or fluffy visitor from another planet, or animated stuffed animal, or cat in a dog-suit) of photographer Lara Jo Regan. Rescued from the mean streets to hobnob with celebrities, after obtaining his own internet fame, Mr. Winkle became an international cult figure in 2001, attracting record-breaking crowds on book tours. One of the first major internet celebrity—if not the first—by 2002, www.mrwinkle.com had garnered over 40 million hits and was named “Internet Celebrity of the Year” by Time Magazine’s On publication. Mr. Winkle has been the subject of hundred of magazine articles and the guest on numerous television shows, including a featured appearance on Sex and the City. If you want more of Mr. Winkle, check out the screening of his film, Big Top Winkle, followed by a Q&A and signing of Mr. Winkle: The Complete Character Collection with Regan on Saturday.

UMOCA. First Friday, July 6, 8-10p. Film Screening, July 7, 1p. 20 South West Temple.


A Need for Speed?

If you’ve been meaning to check out the UMFA‘s Speed—an exhibition showcasing the art of the automobile with antique and vintage racing cars— check it out next week, and then head over to Kingsbury Hall as Jay Leno, host of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” as well as a rabid car enthusiast, and Ken Gross, guest curator of the exhibit, disscuss cars, share racing experieces, tell tales of “great car discoveries” and answer questions from the audience. Tickets range from $20-$60, and are available from SmithTix.

Kingsbury Hall, Saturday, July 14, 8p. 1395 East Presidents Circle.


Art for Foodies

Head over to the University of Utah‘s Lifelong Learning site to sign up for Food Photography (LLART 208) with practicioner Adam Finkle. This class requires Nuts and Bolts (LLART 193) or Digital Photography I (LLART 115) as a prequisite (or taking Lifelong Learning’s online quiz here ). Check out Finkle’s site for examples of the (seriously mouth-water) food-art he’s created before… whether you’re looking to get into commercial food photography or just want to one-up your friends and family on Facebook—this class will start you out with simple layouts using natural light, progressing to recreating examples of food photography, in order to explore current styles in food photography and to create a professional look using the in-class studio set-up. Finkle will also cover food-styling basics, working with a food stylist, and photographic tricks the pros use in food advertising. Tuition is $104.

Continuing Education, Thursday, July 12-26, 6:30-8:30p. See listing for location.


Head Space

Join the Pioneer Craft House for a class that tackles one of the hardest things for artists to get right: “Drawing the Head“. With instructor Jane Grau, learn the basic structure of the head and its features, learning to see the skull, eyes, mouth, ears, nose, and hair with the clear eye needed to render them with expression and accuracy. Materials supplied with $30 tuition, suitable for ages 14 and up.

Pioneer Craft House, Tuesday, July 17, 6:30-8:30p.  


This article was originally published on July 2, 2012.