Art Happenings: Class Tonight May 8th…And an Art Excercise

By Adele Flail

It is a quiet week on the art front; but there is one class from Continuing Ed at the U that caught my eye. If you’re up for adventure (and some mystery)…

“Off the Couch: A Walking Tour of Salt Lake Treasures” promises four weeks of companionable constitutions led by Utah and Nation Tour Guide Association member Carolee Stout. Each session will conclude in a mystery location, and will only be informed where to meet before that week’s class (and I can’t be the only one hoping that this info will be written in invisible ink, delivered by a man in a dark trench coat one week, and courier pigeon the next, right?) This isn’t specifically an art class, but artsy-types that have probably spent the colder months hunched over desk and drafting table, getting out and seeing some local scenery should be just the thing to get juices flowing, creative or otherwise.

 If you like the guided tour, aspect consider registering for the class and showing up tonight, pencil in hand. If you want to go a little more free-form, grab your sketchbook, pick a direction and a time limit, and head off. When the timer goes off—sketch what you see. I’m planning to try this exercise this week—I’ll let you know how it goes. If you try, it send a snapshot of your excursion-based artwork to and we’ll post it!

This article was originally published on May 8, 2012.