Editor’s Notebook

What you’ll find in this issue.

By Greta Belanger deJong

It’s not as if all the regular shenanigans and triumphs that usually make the news are nonexistent, now that pandemics and social injustices and awakenings command the headlines: The environment remains an issue, and governmental sausage-making continues. Amy Brunvand brings you the latest, in context, in her “EnviroNews” column, pp. 6-9.

The numbers are finally in regarding what exactly happened to air quality along the Wasatch Front in March and April. It’s nice to know that science confirms our senses. Has this enforced “experiment” uncovered the magic bullet for significantly improving air quality? Ashley Miller explores that question in her column “Breathe,” pp. 12-14.

We welcome Yaël Fiedel, “From France to the USA: Two takes on being biracial” (pp. 16-19). Her exploration of communitarianism and universalism lends new insights to the American conversation re. our Declaration of Independence which states “All [men] are created equal.” Her conclusion was certainly a new and interesting take for me.

Decarcerate Utah co-founder Brinley Froelich declares that “a budget is a reflection of our values” and unpacks the Defund the Police movement’s advised $30 million budget cut (pp. 20-21). This is “horizon’’ work, she explains, stressing the importance of envisioning generations ahead so that we can begin building the foundation of a new, more equitable society. We can all participate in holding this vision!

Todd Mangum, MD tells us about “The third-eye chakra: The key to vision” in this installment of the Chakra series (pp. 22-24).

Boss gardener columnist James Loomis offers “A novel approach to extending the gardening season,” pp. 28-30 (hint: start planning now!)

And that’s only the first half of the issue! Please explore all we have to offer you!

Let me know what you think. And thanks.

Greta Belanger deJong is the founder and editor of CATALYST Magazine. Gretchen@catalystmagazine.net

This article was originally published on July 2, 2020.